Jackson Roloff, aka ‘LPBW’, is Jackson Roloff’s new best friend

LPBW (Little People, Big World) Jackson Roloff now has a best friend! They shared a few photos this week while they were out together. You can read on to find out all about the details as well as the video and cute photo.

Washington Moves for the Roloffs

During LPBWSeason 23 saw the Roloffs reveal that they were moving from Oregon and Washington. They’ve also shared about this on social media. This move has brought about many changes for the Roloffs. Jackson, 5 years old, will need to find new friends in the vicinity of his new home.

We reported that Tori Roloff revealed recently that Jackson will be going to kindergarten. So, he will be hanging out with new kids who weren’t in his preschool or pre-kindergarten classes.

Jackson now lives in Washington with his best friend. It doesn’t look like Jackson was affected too much by this move and is getting acquainted quickly.

LPBW: Meet Jackson Roloff’s New Best Friend

Zach Roloff shared some photos on social media of Jackson with a friend. He posted a picture and a video to his Facebook page. Instagram StoriesThese are available for viewing for 24 hours. Below, we have saved them for your viewing pleasure.

Also in his posts, Zach tagged Jackson’s friend’s parents’ Instagram pages. He looks just like Jackson, Lilah and Josiah. His name was Michael.

Below is a photo of Jackson and Michael having a lot of fun. The boys are playing with Nerf guns and it looks like they’re getting along really well.

Below is a video of Jackson, Michael, Lilah and Lilah enjoying a refreshing popsicle on a sunny summer day. Perhaps Lilah has become good friends with Michael.

It looks just like LPBWJackson is enjoying great times with Michael, his new best friend. It’s unclear just how long these kiddos have known each other, but they have already hit things off.

As they get older, it is possible that they will spend more time together. It’s possible that they are even in the same kindergarten class this year. LPBW Fans will have to wait to see if Zach and Tori share any updates on their best friends.

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