It’s a disgusting sight when a passenger presses their naked FOOT against another person’s armrest while flying

A PASSENGER was horrified when another flyer pushed their feet into their seats during a flight.

A video captured the moment that the feet rested on their armrests during flight.


After spotting someone’s naked foot on a flight, a passenger was shocked.
The bare foot was spotted against the armrest behind them


The armrest behind them was where the barefoot was seen.

The incident happened while the traveller flew from Melbourne to Adelaide.

The video was originally uploaded by Layla Vandenberg on Instagram. A person stares at the camera in horror.

They then focus on the feet sticking out from the seat back and rest their heads on the armrest.

But they seem to not be bothered by being filmed, and they quickly whip it back.

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Although people were divided, most agreed that it was quite disgusting.

One person said: “Your worst nightmare.”

Another one agreed, saying: “Oh hell no”.

The third author wrote: “Emergency exit right now.”

Some people thought it was good, but not all. “They’re cute little toes.”

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for passengers to be barefooted on planes.

In 2019, a passenger was snapped with her bare feet sitting on a fellow traveller’s headrest while she slept.

In 2020, a flyer sparked outrage after they used another traveller’s armrest to proper up their bare feet.

But last year, a passenger was praised for his reaction to the person behind him putting their feet on his armrest.

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Experts advise travellers not to wear barefoot while onboard planes.

Podiatrist Ebonie Vincent said that being barefoot leaves travellers exposed to bad bacteria.


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