It’s a clever way for airlines to keep passengers calm and relaxed while they board.

You may not have realized that airlines have a smart way to keep you calm while you board.

Certain music is used by airlines to make passengers feel more relaxed on board. There’s science behind it.


To set the mood for a relaxing flight, cabin crew listen to music playlistsCredit: Getty

Even someone can curate the perfect playlist for a flight.

David Scotland is Alaska Airlines’ in-flight entertainment product manager.

He said The Washington PostLearn more about the importance and value of pre-takeoff music

David stated, “I love making different playlists for different moods.” It shouldn’t be too long, there can’t be too many pauses.

“We never want the music to take centre stage at any time during the boarding process. We don’t want it to be a distraction. It needs to complement what’s going on in the aircraft environment.”

Repetitive choruses are another thing curators of pre-flight music should consider. David explained that cabin crew have complained about hearing the same songs over and over again.

Although they avoid techno pop, classical music or Top 40 hits as much as possible, airlines can change music genres between seasons.

Winter will have a chilled soundtrack. Summer will have a more upbeat pre-flight playlist.

You can expect some holiday favorites from anyone who is able to take off for Christmas.

Hawaiian Airlines spoke out to say that they play music that will make holidaymakers happy.

Alisa Onishi explained: “With the Hawaiian music playing in the background they are automatically feeling the aloha spirit and getting ready for their trip to Hawaii or letting them hang on to the last few hours of their Hawaii vacation as they head home.”

Hawaiian Airlines updates their playlists once every three to five year, while Alaska Airlines changes their playlists every two months.

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Hawaiian Airlines use traditional Hawaiian music to get passengers excited


Hawaiian Airlines uses traditional Hawaiian music as a way to get passengers excitedCredit: Getty


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