Is ‘Uncharted” yet scheduled for Netflix release?

Uncharted, starring fans’ beloved Tom Holland released in February, garnering a 6.4 rating out of 10 on IMDb. Fans are eagerly awaiting the Netflix premiere. It is one of the many Sony movies that will soon become available for streaming. The latest information suggests that the movie will be available on Netflix US within the first week in August, despite several delays to its release date.

Netflix India however, already has this feature UnchartedYou can stream on the platform.

UnchartedIt is based on a video game

Based on the popular PlayStation videogame franchise of the same name, the movie is set. Tom Holland portrays Nathan Drake, a famed fortune hunter. The movie received mixed reviews from critics but it was a huge success for Sony, with it grossing over $400 million at box office. Along with Holland, Mark Wahlberg plays Sully while Sophia Taylor Ali plays Chloe. Tati Gabrielle plays Braddock.

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The movie was originally scheduled to release in July 2021. However, Sony released it on February 18, 20,22. Due to rising coronavirus infection worldwide, the movie was delayed twice. The latest agreement between Sony and Netflix is now available. UnchartedUsers in the United States will soon have access to this service. All theatrical movies from Sony will be available on Netflix during the pay-1 window, according to the agreement.

How long will it take? UnchartedNetflix US: How Do You Stream?

However, the duration of this pay-1 window isn’t clear as of now. As per estimates, it could range between 120 and 200 days after the movie’s theatrical release. In June What’s On NetflixAccording to reports, the premiere of the movie on Netflix is scheduled for exactly 119 days following its theatrical release. The movie was initially supposed to debut on Netflix July 15, 2022.

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The Netflix premiere was however delayed for more than a year. The streaming platform posted an updated message saying that the movie will premiere on August 19, 2022. Netflix had allegedly changed the date and stated that the movie would premiere on August 5, 2022. The dates are subject to change, according to a Netflix official.

UnchartedAlready Available on Netflix India

Netflix India is not affected by the delay. After its July 12th 2022 premiere, the movie is now available on Netflix India.

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The movie will be available on Netflix US for 18 months after it is acquired. It is possible that the movie will be released on Hulu following Netflix. Fans have until 2024 for the movie to be streamed.

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Is 'Uncharted" yet scheduled for Netflix release?
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