Is Tammy Slaton Still In Rehab?

Since 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 wrapped up, fans have questions. Viewers feel really happy that Tammy Slaton managed to take charge of her health and check herself into rehab — but is she still there?

We did see Tammy try out rehab early in Season 3 and then abandon it after a short amount of time. Viewers want Tammy to succeed, but are worried she won’t commit.

So where exactly is the TLC star these days?

Is Tammy Slaton still pursuing treatment for food addiction?

If you follow Tammy’s social media channels, then you can see that she’s pretty active. From everything we see, we have every reason to believe that Tammy Slaton is indeed still in rehab.

She loves posting fun videos and filtered photos to pass the time. However, some of her critics say that she’s not taking rehab seriously when she does this.

Tammy Slaton/Instagram

But on the other hand, Tammy’s supporters encourage her to take photos and videos. After all, she needs something fun to keep her entertained while she completes food addiction rehab.

It’s apparent that she still has the trach. We learned in the Season 3 finale that Tammy had a medical emergency after she checked herself into rehab and she stopped breathing. The trach has been a regular feature of her photos ever since.

Now that Tammy is taking her health seriously, fans are excited for the possibility of Season 4. However, as far as we know, TLC hasn’t renewed the series for another season yet. We’ll let you know if that happens.

The TLC star gains more supporters as she gets better

During Season 3, fans grew really frustrated with Tammy Slaton as she dove into her bad habits. However, she seems to be winning back some fans now that she’s taking her health seriously again. Her near-death experience seems to have won some sympathy from fans.

Reddit users discussed the TLC star’s journey recently. Several users even related to her weight issues.

“I’m starting to feel sympathy for Tammy…” the thread begins. The original poster continues to say they too are severely overweight and struggle to make healthier choices. They pursued bariatric surgery in the past, but the pandemic happened and forced them to postpone the procedure. However, they did make it happen.

“…Now 17 months post op I am 200 lbs. still want to lose another 30ish. These last 30 have been HARD AS F—.” They went on to say that they too are a food addict. The OP struggles with their addiction from time to time, as would any other type of addict.

As long as Tammy Slaton stays in rehab and continues to work on herself, it seems like she will have plenty of supporters.

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