Is Martin Henderson from Virgin River married to his wife? His Dating History

New Zealand actor and star “Virgin River”Martin Henderson is single and has never married. He has a fascinating history of dating, with Hollywood stars included.

Martin Henderson was born on October 8, 1974. At 13 he began acting. “Strangers.”Soon after his arrival in Australia, he appeared in many Australian productions. He then moved to New York to continue his studies of acting and theatre.

The actor has enjoyed a long and successful career. In 2019, he assumed the role of Jack Sheridan on Netflix’s new series. “Virgin River.”Martin Henderson is not as successful at finding love despite his accomplishments in the workplace. Here’s a look at Martin Henderson’s dating history.

Martin Henderson discusses the set of “Despierta America”Promote “The Strangers Prey at Night”March 1, 2018, Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images


In the mid-1990s, Henderson was linked to Marnette Patterson, an American actress. Their relationship was reportedly a love affair. short-livedAfter that, media mentions of them were not made.

Patterson was born April 26, 1980. She became a Junior Vocal winner at age nine. “Star Search.”She has StarredIn movies and series like “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder,” “Camp Nowhere,” “Something So Right,” “LG15: The Resistance,” “American Sniper,”You can find out more.

Marnette Patterson during the premiere “Standing Still”April 10, 2006| Source: Getty Images


Henderson was also reported to have dated New Zealand model and socialite, Nicola “Nicky”Robinson, who was Nicky Watson after she married Eric Watson, the owner of New Zealand Warriors. But her marriage ended in 2003.

The model reinvented herselfShe became a Paleo-loving, down-to-earth woman. She met celebrity chef and judge, Michael. “My Kitchen Rules”Pete Evans. They are happily married and lead a quiet lifestyle in Northern New South Wales.


Some sources have claimed that Henderson was in a relationship with Aishwarya Rai (model, star, Miss World 1994), but this is unfounded gossip.

But he starred in the film with Rai. “Bride and Prejudice,”He was in awe of her beauty and was stunned. He described her as sweet and said she reminded his of an old-fashioned movie star.

Martin Henderson and Aishwaryarai at UK Premiere “Bride & Prejudice” Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Henderson said that he was so lucky to have seen a side of Rai not shared with anyone else. He :

“But you know I was lucky to spend time with her and get to know the other side of her, which is a really sweet, very sensitive, and really lovable person; she giggles a lot.”

Henderson’s kind remarks aside, it’s clear they had a great working relationship. They got to know one another very well through Henderson’s words of admiration.


Demi Moore, an actress, began acting right after she divorced Ashton Kutcher. DatingShe was 12 years older than Henderson. Their first sighting together was in July 2012, when they went on a trip to Connecticut.

They went on romantic dinner dates, grocery shopping, hikes, picnics and even ate at a friend’s home while on vacation.

In October 2012, they were no longer together and became close friends. revealedMoore suffered a major meltdown, and was overwhelmed with sadness and self-doubt. Henderson said that it was not fun, but he admitted it. He :

“I feel for her. I feel for anybody who has that level of celebrity where you can’t lead a normal life.”

He learned to cherish the moments they shared and to be patient with others. After realizing that he had much more to offer than his professional accomplishments, he became more relaxed about his job.


After ten long years of marriage, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their separation in 2015. She was also filming a movie alongside Henderson at the time. Sparking rumorsA potential relationship.

The couple never married. They co-starred in “Miracles From Heaven,”Henderson said that Garner was a professional actor on the set.

He stated that she didn’t allow her private life to affect her work. Henderson :

“For her, things were a lot more complicated, so it would have been understandable if she brought a lot of that stuff onto the set. And not once did she ever, and once again I thought that just speaks to her character and how [incredibly focused] and professional she is.”

Garner, according to the actor, had inner strength and would do anything for her children.

Courtney Fansler, Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson and Kylie Rogers at the premiere “Miracles From Heaven”March 9, 2016, Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images


Henderson began dating Helen Randag, a producer and art patron, in 2017. Although Henderson is notoriously private about his relationships Henderson decided to take to social media to confirm the relationship via Instagram.

He PostThe caption read, “He was out with his friends.” “bae.”He also took the opportunity to express his love for her. His post was replied to by her, in which she said that she loved him as well. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2020.


Henderson was a Mexican model Aisha Mendelez’s girlfriend between 2020 and 2021. They were reportedly first spotted together in April 2020. Due to the pandemic they were quarantined in New Zealand.

Henderson SharePhotos of their romantic getaways and vacations during the course of their relationship, including a trip in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

Henderson deleted all photos of the couple from his Instagram account following their breakup. Mendez did not follow suit. Mendez did not follow suit. In fact, the most recent photos she posted on her Facebook page were taken in December 2020. This suggests that their relationship could have ended as early as 2021.

Henderson is reported to be dating again. This time, the mystery woman would be a New Zealand-based interior design professional. Although the couple is said to live together on Great Barrier Island they have not provided any information about their first meeting.


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