Is it legal to carry a lighter on board a plane?

We can all forget to check what’s allowed on flights.

Let’s now look at the rules for lighters and whether or not they are allowed aboard.


While lighter weights are permitted on flights, they must be carried with you everywhere.Credit: Getty

Is it legal to carry a lighter on board a plane?

It is legal to bring a lighter aboard a plane.

You are not allowed to bring lighters or matches on an aircraft.

According to rules enforced at Gatwick Airport, you can carry one lighter only on board the aircraft, which must be kept on you throughout the flight.

Additional lighters will be confiscated and you will be asked for your signature at security.

To screen, both lighters as well as e-cigarettes should be included in the liquid allowance.

After the bag is screened, you can take the lighter/e-cigarette out of the bag and carry it on your body.  

Hand baggage is allowed to contain other smoking materials, such as cigarettes and tobacco products. 

It is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes anywhere on the flight, including in the terminal.

What kinds of lighters are permitted on a plane?

Hand- or checked-in baggage are not permitted for lighters or matches.

A single butane lighter and a box with safety matches may be carried onboard the aircraft, but only if you have your personal items.

Zippo lighters may also be permitted as your one per individual lighter. 

You cannot take lighter fuel or lighter refills on board a flight.

Premixing burner lighters such as a “wind-proof”, “jet”Oder “blue flame”Also banned are lighters in which fuel is mixed with air before it can be used for combustion.

Strike anywhere matches cannot be held.

Can I take lighters with me in my bag?

It is not possible to carry light items in your baggage.

One lighter item can be carried onboard a flight, and must always be on your person.

Place it in a clear plastic bag, such as those used for liquids. Keep it with you during your flight.

After security screening, you can’t put lighters in your carry luggage or in your hand luggage.

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