Is Danielle too green for the Davis Family?

The new season isAre You Looking for Sister Wives?Introduced the Davis family. Their dynamic is very intriguing, but not all viewers will be able to accept it. Their potential sister-in-law is young and very green. Will she be able to make it in the family, or is she a bad fit? April and Jennifer sit down together with Danielle to find out if she’s really ready for this lifestyle.

Meeting The Davis FamilyThese are their quirks

Although all of these couples are interesting, this family may be the best. April and Nick have been married for approximately fifteen years. But they both knew that Nick was a big man, so it was not a surprise that they decided to have another wife. April instantly fell in love when she met Jennifer at work. She felt at ease bringing Jennifer home to meet Nick, and she was open to the idea of a polygamist relationship. Jennifer was nineteen at the time and instantly connected with April as well as Nick. She knew that this was something she wanted to do, but they couldn’t marry Nick. Therefore, they married each other but took Nick’s last name to show their commitment to the family.

Both women work, and Nick stays at home. April is the mother of a son from an earlier relationship. He has been raising him since he was born. Nick is able to stay at home because he has enough money to take care of his own needs. They love that one thing about him. This is not something that fans care about. He is taken care of without any financial responsibility. The son is already fifteen and does not require a stay-at home parent. However, Danielle was the woman they fell in love with and so they began looking for another spouse.

The Interrogation

In a Clip from TLCApril and Jennifer will be having coffee with Danielle in the next episode. April wants her to understand that there is a lot involved in a relationship like this. They are concerned about her age and how committed she is to them. They act as if Jennifer was completely different, despite her being only nineteen at the time. Their reasoning is that Jennifer only needed to get to know Nick, April and Danielle. While jealousy can be a problem, it seems that she is not prone to it. This is her first time being in a plural relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

April says that jealousy is not a problem and everyone is equal. Danielle is open to sharing her desire for children, which is important for April. Although she is open to having children with Nick, she wants her sister wives to be able to have them as well. Because Danielle is a single person, living together will be a challenge. She makes it a point to be there for them, knowing that they will have to adapt to her presence 24 hours a day. They finally share a bed. Danielle is interested in this.

This could be a match made in heaven, or just a mess. Are You Looking for Sister Wives?Mondays on TLC

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