Irvine Police arrest man on suspicion of murdering roommate

Officials said Monday that a 39-year old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering one of his roommates in Irvine.

Police received a text message from 911 around 2:20 a.m. on July 4 asking them to respond at a Leda residence after someone had allegedly shot a roommate.

Reporter said that he heard David Bohr, his roommate, argue before hearing gunshots. While locked in his bedroom the reporting party continued texting dispatch and providing updates.

He claimed that the residence was home to four men.

Multiple officers responded quickly to the call and initiated a crisis exit to help the victim of the gunshot.

Police found the victim behind the front doors of the house and confirmed that he was there shortly after they entered the property.

According to police, Bohr was found at the top stairs and presented the gun pointed at his head. Bohr refused surrender and officers started communicating with him.

Additional officers started evacuating the surrounding homes.

The incident was handled by SWAT and crisis negotiation teams. They continued to encourage Bohr’s peaceful surrender.

Negotiations continued and two roommates were successfully rescued by the SWAT team, Orange County Fire Authority, and the Orange County Fire Authority.

Bohr was taken into police custody for murder suspicion at 5:09 a.m. Police didn’t provide any information about Bohr’s surrender or the process by which they took him into custody

Officials said that he was taken to the Irvine Police Department to be booked and would then be taken to Orange County Jail.

The victim’s identity will be withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Investigating the circumstances leading to the murder is ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation is requested to contact Detective Nate Ridlon, 949-724-77494.


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