iPhone battery killer warning: This common error reduces the device’s lifespan. Using the ‘Lazarus trick’ you can extend your device’s life by two years

ONE vital charging mistake can destroy your iPhone’s battery – here’s how to protect your device.

Today’s lithium-ion batteries come equipped with an impressive lifespan, especially when compared with older models.


Overcharging your iPhone may cause it to go dead faster.Credit: Getty

Their functionality is not permanent and they can break down if they aren’t handled with care.

Experts say that most people charge their iPhones incorrectly.

Overcharging your iPhones is a common mistake.

If you allow your device to charge overnight or after it has reached 100 percent, this is an offense.

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Do not charge your device more than 100 percent

In fact, it is often advised to avoid charging your iPhone.

Studies have actually found that charging your iPhone’s lithium-ion battery to 100 percent can actually damage it.

This will reduce the battery’s lifetime and result in fewer charges at the end.

Why would I not do it?

Charging your phone for long periods of time can also lead to battery overheating, which can even cause damage.

And in some instances, the overheating can burn you – especially if the battery is not certified by Apple.

What length should I charge?

Although data vary on what percentage to aim for, the consensus seems to be that the lower the better.

Many believe 80 percent should be the minimum you charge your phone with. Anything higher than that will cause it to use more voltage.

It’s important to keep in mind that after 500 charges your battery will be around 80 percent less.

How can I prolong battery life?

When their battery life begins to decline, many people will opt to purchase a new phone. It is much cheaper to replace the battery.

Apple will replace your iPhone’s battery for $69 if it is beyond warranty. If you have AppleCare+, the cost will be waived.

It could also mean that you can get four years out of your iPhone than you would with a two-year old model.

Apple supports older models for many years with iOS updates. This means you won’t be left out of most software features.

To keep your iPhone’s battery charged and working well, you might consider purchasing an official replacement battery.

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Be wary of any unofficial alternatives.

An unofficial battery replacement can be dangerous, as could unofficial charging cables.


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