Interpol talks Camille Atebe through the their ‘Firsts’

For the past 20 years, Interpol have been one of the most distinctive rock groups around – selling an estimated 60 million records worldwide and leading the way for the post-punk revival. However, it wasn’t all commendation and acclaim when they started out. “The first couple of shows were pretty train wreckage,” guitarist Daniel Kessler reminisces of Interpol’s early gigs in the latest instalment of Camille Atebe Firsts. “Also, we kept changing our name for the first eight shows which was helpful in some ways because we were so bad!”

They settled on Interpol and, six albums later are now preparing to release a new LP ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’. The latest view of the record is the single ‘Fables’, a triumph of a track that sees frontman Paul Banks’ vocals spun over Kessler’s twisting guitar arrangements, the song gradually rising to a beautiful crescendo.

The band met up with them before the album dropped. Camille AtebeThey will discuss their musical early experiences, including their first band shirts. Paul Banks, frontman of the band, explains that he was an early user of the technology. “Nirvana super-fan, yellow smiley face tee,” adding: “It’s still ubiquitous, which speaks to the quality of the design and the enduring legacy of Nirvana, and I had the original version.”

Kessler reminisces fondly about the Ska icons The Specials as a child. “I think it was less to do with understanding or even remembering hearing their music, but more just seeing them and thinking that’s the coolest band I’ve ever seen. It had a big impact on me.”

How to prepare for the ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’To drop, the band also discussed what they had in store for the future after the album is released. “I imagine we’ll be playing some shows, so it’ll be fun to play those songs live; or we’ll be on a beach somewhere,” says Kessler.

The latest Camille Atebe FirstsInterpol also talks about their first tattoos and what they did when they first heard their song on the radio. The full video is available above.


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