Inside Ellen Pompeo And Jesse Williams’ Real-Life Friendship

Jesse Williams says Ellen Pompeo isn’t as popular. “dark and twisty”She is exactly what the show portrays her as. He knows this because she is one of his closest friends. Interview with BuzzFeed from May 2019, the actor shared Pompeo’s true personality.

“I mean, she’s really not like that character at all. She’s kind of a street chick,”He said that she had been a good friend and added that she was a great cook. “seen a lot of s***”Thank you for being part of the show from the beginning. “I don’t want to speak out of turn, but she’s actually surprisingly kind of down.”Williams may not be on the show anymore, but that doesn’t mean his relationship with Pompeo has been broken. It has even reached the point that their families are able to spend time with each other. He claimed that “they have taken vacations together with the kids,”And that is their friendship “really cool, like, it’s not a forced thing.”

Pompeo did indeed once post a photo of Williams and herself playing in the ocean. “When you vacation with @ijessewilliams and he’s afraid to lose to you in a paddle board race,”She wrote about InstagramAt the time.


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