Inside Apple’s top-secret VR headset that could replace your iPhone – with special Memoji video calls

APPLE will drop its VR/AR headset sometime this year, according to fresh reports.

With the metaverse taking over the tech world, releasing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets seems like the next logical step for major tech players, and Apple is no exception.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has called the AR and VR sectors “critically important,” and “very profound technologies.”

The Cupertino-based company has not officially confirmed a mixed-reality device, however, CEO Tim Cook has called the AR and VR sectors “critically important,” and “very profound technologies.”

Still, despite Apple remaining tight-lipped on its headset, it is already one of the most anticipated.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the world may not have to wait much longer for an Apple headset as it could be dropping in the last quarter of 2022.

Other tech experts have also speculated on features the device might potentially come equipped with – here’s what they predict.

It might use RealityOS

Last month iOS developer Rens Verhoeven spotted a reference to “realityOS” in App Store upload logs.

“Uh, what is Apple’s RealityOS doing in the App Store upload logs? AR/VR confirmed?” he asked in a tweet.

RealityOS might very well be the custom operating system for Apple’s future AR and VR gadgets, strongly indicating it is currently in the works.

It might use Memoji for FaceTime

Memoji (Apple’s version of personalized Animojis) could be an integral part of the Facetime experience on the mixed-reality headset, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Gurman wrote in his Power On newsletter that he expects Memoji in realityOS as it could make Facetime a reality on the device.

“I imagine a virtual reality version of FaceTime where you can be in a conference room with dozens of people. Instead of seeing their actual faces, you’ll see 3D versions of them (Memojis),” Gurman wrote.

“I assume the headset will be able to determine a person’s facial expressions in real-time, making the experience fairly lifelike,” he added.

It might utilize SharePlay

Gurman also noted in his newsletter that group entertainment will likely be a thing on the long-rumored device via SharePlay.

“I would also look for heavy use of SharePlay in the new realityOS, allowing multiple headset wearers to experience music, movies, and games together,” he wrote.

It will likely be expensive

The rumored price tag on the device is upwards of $2,000 due to the technology it would employ, according to Gurman.

The Bloomberg journalist believes that the device will likely not require a host device, and may also feature at least 15 camera modules, eye-tracking, and possibly iris recognition.

Though the device would technically be a VR headset by design, it could possess an AR passthrough via cameras.

Apple's mixed-reality device has not yet been confirmed by the company but is already highly-anticipated.


Apple’s mixed-reality device has not yet been confirmed by the company but is already highly-anticipated.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

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