Inside Annaleigh Ashford’s Marriage — She Wasn’t ‘The One’ Woman for Her Husband at First

“B Positive”Annaleigh Ashford, star of Star Wars, and Joe Tapper, her husband, are a carbon copy their theater performing parents. In 2016, the couple welcomed their son. 

Annaleigh Ashford, a TV and stage actress, is blessed with an offscreen husband. Joe Tapper, however, was not certain Ashford was. “the one”When the couple met for the first time. 

Tapper, like his wife, is a stage performer and has appeared in productions such “You Can’t Take It With You,”Ashford, along with guest-starred in “B Positive” “Master of Sex.”

Annaleigh Ashford plays Gina “B-Positive” 2020 [Left]Ashford’s son Jack, and Joe Tapper, his husband, posed together for Instagram in 2021 [Right] | Photo: YouTube/SpoilerTV & Instagram/annaleighashford

Tapper and Ashford had never been together before they met and fell in love. Ashford didn’t do a lot of dating during college because she wanted to be with the right person forever. 

While Tapper was more cynical in relationships, as he told The Times, he did a great job picking the wrong woman and never had a relationship work out. He would soon change his mind when he met Ashford.

Ashford and Tapper met through their manager, Beth Rosner. Ashford was on tour with the musical “Wicked” while Tapper was in his third year of Yale’s Master of Fine Arts program in acting.

Rosner has organized a lunch for each of them to meet as she Considered They were wonderful people who needed another person to be their inspiration “illuminate the parts of them that didn’t glow as brightly as they could.”

Tapper agreed that Ashford was gorgeous and an unusually well-rounded actress after meeting him. Tapper admitted however that he was not certain she was. “the one.” In contrast, Ashford Found She fell in love with him.

“Joe has really magical eyes and an amazing face. Right away, he sparkled and smiled at me. When we are away from each other for a long time, I can always see his eyes.”

Rosner’s matchmaking seems to have been unsuccessful for a while, as Rosner and Rosner did not go on another date. However, they did sometimes bump into each other in public, once at the Beauty Bar crowd and twice on the train. 

Rosner finally persuaded Tapper that Ashford would perform. “Legally Blonde” songs at Birdland, the New York club. He wasn’t a fan musical theater but was impressed by her singing talents. 

The “Master of Sex”Tapper and actress went out for dinner afterwards and shared their lives and passions. Ashford noticed that everything was going well and began to think. “This is it.”

Tapper was not happy. After their great evening, Tapper cancelled on Tapper several times and was not very responsive via text. The actor is a great actor, but it’s hard to believe that Tapper was actually able to communicate via text. Noted His feelings for Ashford caused him to be nervous about following her.

“I was like an idiot revolting. Sometimes, it’s scary to meet the person you love who will make you start to grow up.”

Tapper realized that Ashford was the right one for him. The couple enjoyed a great relationship. They went to Six Flags every other year and he later proposed. 

Tapper chose to continue their tradition of visiting the Six Flags park in Jackson, N.J. each year on Ashford’s Birthday, June 25, to ask Ashford for her hand in marriage. 

The proposal was perfect for Ashford, a bubbly woman. Detailed explanation The moment was “really funny, not glamorous”It was in every way that matched their childlike sensibilities.

Later, Ashford and Tapper swapped “I dos”At Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash (Colorado) on Mondays when all theaters are closed. They combined the Old West and theater worlds in their wedding.

Although the wedding scene could have been straight from a stage production it was less magical due to the rain that poured on the ceremony. However, bridesmaid Stephanie Kornich Noted It was easy for the bride to handle it:

“She takes the bumps and just rides them and makes it into something she can work with, makes it magic.”

Three years later Ashford and Tapper were pregnant With their first child together. At the time, Ashford was filming the televised musical version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Fox. 

Playbill asked her if she was a sexy woman. four months pregnant during production. She continued tap dancing and performing stunts like jumping off of a piano, but it didn’t stop her. 

Ashford explained that she was fortunate to feel good throughout filming, but she did not do it alone. Ashford was supported every step of the filming process by her production team, who made sure she was well. 

She portrayed Columbia in the cult classic film and hid her growing baby bump through William Ivey Long’s costume magic. 

Ashford and Tapper then welcomed their son, Jack Clark Tapper, on September 8, 2016. The couple are now parents Telled People Magazine said that Jack’s arrival made them happy.

“There are no words to describe our joy when we first met our Jack.”

The now six-year-old Jack makes regular appearances on his mother’s Instagram account, where she shares updates on her live and current TV and stage projects. 

Ashford shared a sweet photo of Jack and his dog for Christmas 2021. He wore superhero pajamas, and had many Marvel action figurines around him. 

Ashford has never let motherhood stop her from moving forward. Ashford flew to New York shortly after giving birth to her son. “Sunday in the Park With George.” 

The mom explained that baby Jack was helping her to rehearse. She would read through the lyrics and burp when she did not get a line right. 

She is now trying to balance parenthood and stardom. “B Positive,” where she plays Gina, a party-loving friend of the main character, Drew, who needs a new kidney and tries to help wean Gina off her bad habits so she can donate her kidney to him.  


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