Injured dolphin rescued at Point Dume

An injured dolphin that had come ashore at Point Dume was rescued on the coast of Malibu.

The dolphin was spotted on the beach near some rocks on Tuesday afternoon, according to Pono Barnes, Ocean Lifeguard Specialist for L.A. County Lifeguards.

Lifeguards called a marine wildlife rescue group, which responded and loaded the injured animal onto a vehicle to be transferred to a rehabilitation center.

Barnes said it’s not a common occurrence for a dolphin to be found in the area.

It’s unclear how the animal was injured, Barnes said.

Threats to dolphins include vessel strikes, interactions with fishing gear, oil spills, and other dangers, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Those who encounter any sick or injured marine life on L.A. County’s beaches are urged to stay back and not try to assist the animals. Instead, residents should flag down a lifeguard if they’re concerned about the animal, Barnes said.


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