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It is a mistake that you think the Tory MP Nadine Dowries mislead that journalist Ash Sarkar was actually Labour PPC Faiza Shaheen.

Instead of being Tory MP Nadine Dories, it was
Newsnight Presenter Kirsty wark started to quote Sarkar in a segment last night on BBC Two, but then realized that Shaheen was actually the source.

Both women noticed the slip of tongue by the Scottish presenter and took to Twitter in confusion.

Faiza Shaheen expressed grave concern about the inability of the media to distinguish the two.

Ash Sarkar was shocked to see the mistake again. Especially considering how different they actually look. “thumb”).

Other people took to Twitter to condemn the error, reiterating that not all brown women are the same.

It seems that everything was settled quickly after Shaheen and Sarkar wrote that they had accepted the offer. “genuine” “king”The BBC presenter personally apologized to them.

MP Nadine Dorries was fired earlier this month after tweeting a misidentification of the Novara Media editor. In a now-destroyed tweet, the Conservative politician wrote:


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