In the midst of ‘Better Call Saul’ rumors, ‘Breaking Bad Stars’ reunite

This weekend’s episode of Better Call SaulIs the title “Breaking Bad.”Fans are excited to see that Bryan Cranston will be joined by Aaron Paul in the prequel series.

A massive statue unveiling was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday to prepare for the episode. What was exciting was that Cranston and Paul both showed up for the unveiling of statues in their characters’ likeness.

Breaking BadUnveiled statues in Albuquerque

As of Friday, July 29, there was a statue unveiled in Albuquerque’s convention center. The statues featured Walter White (meth-dealing antihero) and Jesse Pinkman (the drama series on AMC). Breaking Bad. These characters are unlikely to be used in commemorative statues. Vince Gilligan, the creator of this idea, joked that he understands why people might not like it.

“In all seriousness, no doubt some folks are going to say, ‘Wow, just what our city needed.’ And I get that,” Gillian shared THR. “I see two of the finest actors America has ever produced. I see them, in character, as two larger-than-life tragic figures, cautionary tales.”

Aaron Paul, who was Jesse’s friend and co-accused, and Bryan Cranston (the former science teacher who became a meth cook) were both present at Gilligan’s unveiling. The ceremony was also attended by local politicians including Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller. “While the stories might be fictional … jobs are real every single day,” Keller said. “The city is also a character. … We see ourselves in so many ways, good and bad.”

However, not everyone was happy. Rod Montoya, Republican State Representative from Farmington, said that while he acknowledges Cranston’s existence, he feels it is wrong. “glorify”Even fictional meth dealers can be meth dealers. He also said it was strange to create these statues about fictional criminals when the state just removed a statue of Spanish conqueror Juan de Oñate in 2020.

Breaking BadMaking a comeback? Better Call Saul

Interesting timing also, because the next episode is of Better Call SaulIs “Breaking Bad.” Better Call SaulThis prequel series explains how Jimmy McGill became a criminal lawyer, and is hosted by Bob Odenkirk. That character’s first appearance on Breaking BadWas in an episode titled “Better Call Saul.”Gilligan had already stated that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would be appearing on the show. Better Call SaulBefore the last episode, it seems that the title of the next one is the best.

AMC informed its fans that the pair were returning toBetter Call SaulThis was announced earlier in the year, but no mention of when. This time could be now, between the unveiling of Alburquerque’s statues and the title of next episode. Better Call SaulOnly three episodes remain. “Breaking Bad”AMC airs Monday, August 1st at 9 PM.

In the midst of 'Better Call Saul’ rumors, 'Breaking Bad Stars' reunite
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