In the Disney World ride that was so scary it had to be shut down

DISNEY’s theme parks are well-known for their family-friendly rides, attractions, and other fun activities.

However, that changed when one attraction at Disney World was so frightening it was closed less than ten years after opening.


ExtraTERRORESTrial Alien Encounter opened at Magic Kingdom in 1995Credit: Disney

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was opened in Magic Kingdom. It offered a terrifying experience that scared all who entered.

The attraction was an indoor theatre that opened in 1995. It took place in three locations.

The story began when an alien corporation called XS-Tech presented its brand new teleportation technology.

A robot then demonstrated the teleportation device, moving an alien around the room.

Finally, guests were strapped into their seats when the teleportation technology failed. A huge, carnivorous alien with wings emerged through the tube.

The lights were turned off and audience members could feel a ‘breath of the alien’ on their necks, as well as the dripping saliva from its mouth.

This attraction was Disney’s first attempt at a scary, immersive attraction.

It was a source of controversy as guests complained that it was too scary and did not fit in with Magic Kingdom’s other rides.

Parents were furious when their children, under 12, were told not to visit.

Guests would shout so loud that they missed important plot points and dialogue, making it difficult to follow the show.

The ride ended up closing in 2003 and was replaced by a new attraction based on Lilo & Stitch.

Reddit guests have shared stories of how they were traumatized by the ride.

One person wrote: “I was so little when I went on this and I swear it was the scariest ride I’ve ever been on. I was TERRIFIED to go on Stitch because of still being scared of the alien version.”

Add another person: “My Dad has to carry me off this ride sobbing when I was a kid.”

Someone else agreed: “All I remember is having my eyes closed with my head in my mom’s lap sobbing the entire time. I still have nightmares about that ride.”

If you still feel the need to scare yourself, then watch this footage of Walt Disney’s ghost walking through Disneyland at night.

You can also see the disused Disney attractions that were left to rot over decades.

Audience members could feel a monster breathing and drooling on them


Audience members may feel a monster breathing down their throats and drooling upon themCredit: Disney
The attraction received a lot of complaints from parents


Parents were very unhappy with the attraction.Credit: Disney
The attraction closed in 2003 and was replaced with a more family-friendly ride


In 2003, the attraction was closed and replaced by a family-friendly ride.Credit: Disney
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