In seconds, how to share your iPhone screen with Facebook Messenger

Sharing your screen should not be limited to work conference calls.

It is a great way to share photos with family and friends, or even watch the same content together, even though you are miles apart.


Your screen can be shared with others, but not just for work.Credit: AFP/licensors

It is easy to share your screen using Facebook Messenger or FaceTime. We have compiled the best ways.

How to share your Facebook Messenger screen

TikToker @tehno_mikeRecent demonstrations on Facebook Messenger showed how easy it is for users to share their screens.

This trick works with both Android and Apple versions Facebook Messenger.

You can open Messenger and make a video call by clicking on the camera icon.

You can expand the menu by swiping up on your toolbar while on the call.

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You can click here “Share your screen”.

FaceTime: How do you share your screen?

FaceTime calls allow you to share your screen.

This will require you to have the most recent iOS software.

Apple’s SharePlay features allow you to do three things.

These include: Listen, watch, and share your screen.

Begin a FaceTime conversation with the people who you wish to share your screen.

When you’re connected to the call, tap on the “Share Content”Button that appears like a human in front a screen in top right corner

Tap “Share My Screen” in the dropdown menu.

Screen sharing will begin after a few seconds delay.

Sharing your screen on FaceTime is really easy


FaceTime makes it easy to share your screen.Credit to Apple

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