In India, a village pours water into the mouths and bodies of dead people in the hope that it will rain.

In some parts of the world, praying to the ‘rain gods is an old practice. This is in the hope that they will shower abundant rain. Now, the people of Kalakeri village, in Karnataka’s Vijayapura district, have taken rituals to the next level by digging up graves and filling the mouths of corpses with water.

Karnataka received most of its rainfall. However, there were some areas that experienced flooding and landslides. Strangely, Kalakeri village had none.

Locals became increasingly concerned, prompting them to band together and devise a plan – or a “curse”According to News 18. The superstitious idea was suggested by one person, and it became a reality when everyone agreed that it was a brilliant plan.

According to the news outlet, the villager listed the names of all those who had died within the past month. They carried a shovel and water tanks with them to the cemetery sites.


They dug a two-foot deep hole, then, according to legend, inserted a water pipe in their mouths when they got to the heads of the corpses.

It is home to around 1,500 people and receives very little rain. Although it may sound strange, the idea was actually born many years ago.

A man aged 78 years old was said to have died with his lips open. He was buried by his family without any one closing his eyes. The village also experienced drought that year.

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In India, a village pours water into the mouths and bodies of dead people in the hope that it will rain.iStock

An astrologer was consulted by the elderly and suggested that the man had lost his thirst. They went to his grave, filled his mouth with water, and then they headed back. Coincidentally it began to rain.

The village then follows the same practice, hoping for the same luck in 2022.

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