In Emotional Video, Wife sings “Amazing Grace” One Last Time to Dying Husband.

Danielle Gibson, her husband Tony, had just given birth to twins when he was diagnosed as having a brain disorder. In a heartbreaking video, the mother-of-4 sang goodbye to her husband.

It is impossible to express the heartbreak and pain that a woman feels while watching her husband slowly die.

Tony Gibson was later diagnosed with a rare brain disorder known as the human version of mad cow disease. His wife Danielle had no choice but to stand strong for him and their twins, and two daughters.

Tony and Danielle Gibson sing for the last time. Source: Campaign Update | Source: Campaign Update

The symptoms began in December 2017 when Tony’s memory rapidly deteriorated. Danielle created a GoFundMe page. revealed:

“He would get so confused I would have to label the rooms in our home. We tried getting a diagnosis for months, but no one could figure out what was going on.”

It was only when they went to Vanderbilt University Medical Center that doctors discovered Tony’s sickness. He had Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Tony and Danielle Gibson sing for the final time. | Source: Campaign Update

Doctors suggested that the disease could be caused by bad meat, genetics, or something else. The father of 33 years slowly began to decline. The first was his memory loss, then his ability of reading, and finally his mobility. 

One evening, Danielle was contacted by the police who informed her that her husband was wandering around Nashville’s airport. It turned out that he forgot where he had parked his car.

Danielle said that the change occurred quickly. “It’s just terrible. If I try to sort it out in my head, I would lose my mind,”She . Tony managed to survive despite having six months to one-year left.

Tony and Danielle Gibson sing for the last time. Source: Campaign Update | Source: Campaign Update

Danielle, while taking care of her kids, managed to stay by her husband’s side. Danielle found her husband lying on the couch one day. sangHis favorite hymn is “Amazing Grace.”

It is a very difficult task to become a widow. Every person has their own ways of dealing with it.

As soon as she began, Tony’s eyes immediately looked into hers in acknowledgement of what appeared to be a ComfortingHis ears. Unfortunately, that would be her last singing to her husband.

Tony was joined by his creator three days later on January 30, 2019. Danielle added the GoFundMe page a few days later. Writing:

“On Wednesday January 30th at 11:58 p.m. Tony Gibson went to his heavenly home. I would like to ask for prayers of strength and peace, especially for our daughters […].”

Becoming a widow is undoubtedly a huge and painful challenge, with each person having their way of coping with grief. Bethany Ashabraner took comfort in his final words before she lost her husband.

Even though nothing can instantly soothe her pain, the fact that her husband provided her with the strength to continue her journey was enough to inspire her to live.


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