In an exclusive sneak peek, Luke Davis proposes Kayla Sessler to him

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Luke Davis has a surprise for Kayla Sessler. After a massive fight between his family and Kayla almost turned physical, Luke is determined to show her he’s still looking to build their future together with a romantic birthday proposal – but will she say yes? has an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s new episode of MTV. Watch Luke pop the question. 

Luke will take Kayla out to dinner on Kayla’s birthday. He is not taking Kayla and Kayla’s son Izaiah with him. Kayla’s mom will be watching them for the rest of the evening. “Even though I’ve been down lately, I want to try to have a good time with him tonight,”Kayla tells camera that she took the night off. It’s not easy, especially when you consider the fact that she was fighting with Luke’s family as well as her decision to have an abortion months earlier.

“This dinner is Luke’s attempt to try and get my spirits up and get me into a better headspace, and I really appreciate it,”She shares “but it’s like in the back of my mind all I can think about right now is I would have maybe been in the hospital today having a baby, and instead I’m here, going out. It’s just a weird place to be in.”

Luke ensured that the night was special from the beginning, with rose petals leading Luke and Kayla to their table. Kayla seems impressed, but Luke’s nervous fidgeting is not letting her go. “You keep fidgeting and you don’t normally do that,”Luke responds by telling her. “excited”Evening.

Things get a bit more serious when we talk about Luke’s relatives. “I just don’t understand what their problem is,”Kayla hears him tell Kayla. Kayla insists that she’s “fine”After the blow-out. “They’re never gonna like me – [I] gotta let that s- go,”She says. Luke asks Kayla how she feels about the future. Kayla responds optimistically, saying that there is still a lot to do. “still some work to be done,”That’s true in every relationship.

“I see nothing but great things in our future,”Luke says it with a smile. “But we done been through the hell already.”Kayla laughs in her response. “Nothing worse can happen than what’s already happened.”Kayla shocked to see that they have finished their dinner with dessert “Will You Marry Me”It will be written on the plate as it emerges the kitchen. After everything she’s been through, will she accept Luke’s proposal? Teen Mom: Young and PregnantAirs Tuesdays at 9 PM. ET on MTV.


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