In a bizarre “pigeon metaverse” where you can live as a VIRTUAL bird, and ‘coo together with strangers”.

The world’s first “pigeon metaverse” has been unveiled. It allows people to live their lives as virtual birds.

This bizarre idea is known as the Hatoverse, and you can download it in Japan as an app.


Apple users in Japan have access to the app
All the pigeons look the same and there isn't much for them to do


The pigeons all look the same, and they have very little to do.Credit: YouTube

Although you may wonder why anyone would want a life like a pigeon in Japan, the flying creatures are quite popular there.

Tori Games is the source of the pigeon metaverse.

According to SoraNews24The pigeonverse was announced at the 2022 Hatoverse Conference by a man in a pigeon mask.

In Japanese, Hato is pigeon.

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The pigeon-verse is promoted in a video that presents it as a video game where you play the role of a pigeon.

Other humans can communicate with pigeons.

This video shows you that you can do almost everything a pigeon can do, including flying and cooing.

To make it more real, there is no text or voice chat.

To have some conversation, users will need to interpret the ‘coos’ or other virtual pigeons.

All the pigeons appear the same, and there are no purchase or game plans to be followed.

It is simply using an app that acts like a pigeon.

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It seems that the main activities involve sitting on a sawsaw or finding three virtual chickens wandering around in the pigeon-verse.

It isn’t clear whether the app will be made available in additional countries or become Android-compatible.

No human talking is allowed in the 'pigeon metaverse'


In the “pigeon metaverse”, no human speaking is permittedCredit to YouTube

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