IMDb: Season 6’s Best Curse Of Oak Island Episode

There are many Season 6 episodes “The Curse of Oak Island”IMDb users gave it high marks. It is Episode 12. “Slipway When Wet,”This is the highest scoring with a score 8.1 out of 10. This episode focuses on the H-8 deep shaft. The Lagina Brothers have been trying to find the location of the Money Pit for years, but speculation is rife that the H-8 shaft might be the answer they are looking for.

A caisson is located in the H-8 shaft. This is an engineering system used to dig and construct around water. It is controlled by water levels using an ingenious method (via). Brittanica). So, the crew of “Oak Island”A remotely-operated vehicle is deployed into the shaft to discover what appears like an artificially-created right angle corner, several feet below surface. The bottom of the shaft has become flooded, and communication with the probe is lost. So the Laginas are forced to abandon this section of the search. It is revealed later in the episode that a stone discovered earlier did not contain runic symbols, but a type Gothic script. These stories are always driving. “The Curse of Oak Island”This episode appears to be the perfect IMDb episode.


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