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A grieving mother is surprised to discover a message from a strange contact on her late son’s phone that reads, “I am pregnant.” She dials the number to figure out what’s going on and discovers something shocking.

After his father Derek’s death, Christopher Hunt was raised solely by his mother, Courtney. Courtney, Derek’s mother, was a successful businessman. Courtney received all his wealth after his death. Christopher and Courtney didn’t have any to work for.

The problems arose for Courtney only when Christopher declared that, unlike his father, he wanted to be a soldier. She wanted him to take over Derek’s business, but the young man was determined to serve his nation, and she had to give in to his ambitions.

Christopher left Courtney in tears and alone at the age of 23 to fulfill his dreams. He was missed by Courtney a lot, and she wished he would come back soon.

But unfortunately, only a few months later, her worst fears came true when she heard the doorbell one morning….

Christopher left home to go into the Army.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Courtney answered the door to find Christopher and Christopher standing on the porch. She knew that her son wasn’t coming back even before they spoke.

Courtney was devastated after Christopher’s death because he was the only one she had after Derek left them. She didn’t want to live anymore. After all, who would she live for? Her husband and son had both left her.

“Christopher! Oh, thank God you’re alive! I was terrified that something bad had happened to you!”

Courtney was sobbing every night when Christopher died. She held his belongings, cursing her fate for having to lose her son. How could God take her son away from her? He should have taken her child if he wanted someone!

Courtney was one night in Christopher’s living room, looking through all the stuff that the soldiers had left her. Courtney came across the picture of Christopher and Courtney when she was five years old. Courtney didn’t know Christopher had taken the picture.

“Oh, Chris,”She whispered, her tears running down her face like water. “Please come back! I don’t want to live like this!”

Courtney cried each night as she clutched Christopher’s belongings.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

She spent the whole night rummaging through his things, and among them, she found Christopher’s phone. She tried to turn it off, but the battery was dead. So she plugged it in to the charger and went to bed.

The next morning, she awoke with Christopher’s phone vibrating. She saw a number of missed call notifications and texts from a named contact. “Love.”Courtney sat in bed and rubbed her eyes puzzled.

Christopher’s phone contained a password that prevented her from reading the messages. She tried many combinations, but none worked. She tried her birthdate as a last option. Fortunately, the phone was unlocked.

Her eyes widening, she realized that her son had used the birthdate of her as his password. She wiped her tears away and clicked on a random message. What she saw was shocking.

“Christopher, you’re not going to believe it! I’M PREGNANT!” Please read the message. Courtney’s eyes became wider in confusion.

Courtney woke to the sound Christopher’s cell phone.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Did Chris have a girlfriend that I wasn’t aware of? Why didn’t he tell me?”She wondered what the woman was doing as she looked through the texts one by one. She dialed the number right away to figure out who this mysterious woman in her son’s life was, and when her call was answered, she heard a distressed female voice on the other end of the line.

“Christopher! Oh, thank God you’re alive! I was terrified that something bad had happened to you! Please promise me you won’t disappear for months like this again…”Courtney thought about how to let the woman know that Christopher had died.

After a short pause and deep breaths, she finally spoke up. “I’m sorry, but this is Christopher’s mother. My son…”She began, her eyes widening. “He’s gone. I recently learned that their military base was attacked, and he…he died.”

“What? Oh no…”The call brought tears to her eyes. “How could he just leave me like that? How could he do that?”She would not stop crying.

“Listen, I know it’s major grief that Chris is no longer alive…for,”She paused. “uh, both of us, but I still don’t know anything about you. How do you know him?”

Courtney was stunned when Courtney discovered something about the woman who was pregnant. | Source: Pexels

“I’m Emily, Mrs. Hunt,”The woman replied that she was still crying. “And I’m Christopher’s girlfriend. Good Lord! I still can’t believe he’s not coming back!” 

Emily revealed that she was an orphan and worked as a waitress at a local bar. She met Christopher at the bar, and they were dating for three months before he joined the military. 

Courtney was reluctant to introduce Emily to Christopher because Emily wasn’t from a distinguished or wealthy family. Courtney wanted Emily to be her future daughter in law.

Christopher was not available to answer Emily’s calls after she learned she was pregnant. After leaving several messages, he did not respond to them. As a result, he had no idea she was pregnant, and now she learned that he was no longer alive.

Courtney remembered Christopher had mentioned that they occasionally had to disable the use of their private devices for security concerns, which is probably why he couldn’t get back to Emily. She explained it to Emily and asked her for calm. 

Christopher and Emily were together.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

At the same time, Courtney felt terrible for the young woman and the little life growing inside her. The baby was Christopher’s blood, which was more important to Courtney than anything else. 

She couldn’t leave Emily and the baby in such anguish, so she decided to help. She called Emily to get her address, then met Emily at her home.

She arrived to find Emily pregnant and living alone in a tiny rented house in terrible conditions. Courtney persuaded Emily to come live with her. Emily was initially reluctant, but Courtney eventually convinced Emily.

“Thank you, Mrs. Hunt,”Emily wept. “I – I don’t know how I would ever return your favor.”

“You don’t need to,”Courtney smiled back. “Just be happy. That’s all I want from you.”

Courtney cared for Emily on her own, and when the baby boy arrived, she didn’t miss a single opportunity to shower her love on him and be the best grandma. She also supported Emily and offered her a job in Derek’s firm so that the young mother could provide for her baby boy.

Courtney and Emily named their baby Chris to honor their father, who was still very much alive when they had to choose a name.

What can we learn from this tale?

  • Family love and concern triumphs over all else. Courtney wanted Christopher married someone wealthy, but that didn’t matter when she learned about Emily’s baby. It was then that Courtney realized that nothing was more valuable than family and their well-being, and she took Emily in.
  • God always gives back something when he takes something away.Courtney, Emily, and Chris lost Christopher. But they found each others and became a wonderful family.

This story is about a mom who asks a neighbor to watch her children, only to find that they are missing.

This account was inspired from a story by a reader. It has been written by a professional author. Any resemblance with actual names or locations is just coincidental. Illustrations are provided for illustration purposes only. We would love to hear your story. It might change someone’s mind. Please send us your story to [email protected].


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