I’m an expert in body language – here are the things your sunbathing style says.

EXPERT SHOWS YOU WHAT YOUR SUNBATH Style Says About You – People who follow the ‘chill and refill’Style people are more stressed and will take holidays to relax.

While the ‘space invader’The most competitive person is someone who gets up at 5 a.m. to get down to the pool to find the best loungers.


A woman basks in the sun during the day

Body language expert, Judi James, has revealed six character types for holidaymakers, including the ‘sleeping beauty’ – someone who’ll nod off under an umbrella for hours at a time – who will be introverted and on break to get some peace and tranquillity.

Then there’s the ‘fidgeter’ – who will try everything on holidays including impulsive activities – is likely to have a chaotic, but lovable personality.

The following are other types of the ‘workaholic’It is difficult for some people to relax and be happy. ‘sun-worshipping pro’Who sees their vacation as an opportunity for them to be the best they can be.

Emma Tagg is the spokesperson Hotels.comJudi James was asked by, who said that sunbathing is a great method to relax and switch off from your day-to-day worries.

“There are so many different types of sunbather and I’m sure we can all relate to at least one of the personalities.

“After two years of restricted travel, Brits are finally ready to get abroad and lounge around that pool, with searches up 25 per cent for July and August compared to 2021.

“Popular spots such as Spain, USA, France and Italy remain the most searched for this summer. We found that Turkey is gaining popularity, with searches increasing by 26% compared to last.

A study by the hotel brand found that 45% of adults who travel abroad think they look better with a tan.

It was found that the average person spends more time sunbathing than they do on holiday.

56 percent consider it important that you return from a holiday with a radiant glow.

Eight in ten people believe that sunbathing on vacation or relaxing by the pool is a great way for them to escape reality.

Two-thirds (67%) of respondents are from the ‘chill and refill’type. It is essential to have a convenient bar in your hotel that can provide drinks when you need them.

Six in 10 people also like to fall asleep while sunbathing. ‘sleeping beauty’ type.

64% of holidaymakers return from vacation with a tanned complexion, which is causing envy among the others. ‘sun-worshipping pro’ types.

Sun cream and cold water are the top sunbathing necessities. Some people bring a pillow (17%), which is something that more experienced bathers love.

The top sunbathing spots include quietness, great views and plenty of shade.

However, sun worshippers find it annoying when sunbathing friends get drunk, sunbed hoggers, and loud music.

However, as many as 4 in 10 of those surveyed admit to being a sufferer. ‘sunbed space invader’84% of those surveyed have never reserved a sunbed and a towel, despite the fact that 84% find it annoying.

Infographic on the types of sunbathers for the holiday season.


Infographic about the different types of sunbathers that are available for the holiday season.

OnePoll polled 7 out 10 respondents and found that they would be happy to spend all day in the sun.

22 percent also say that their dream job would include testing sunbeds professionally.

Emma Tagg added: “It’s no surprise to see so many people dream of being paid to sunbathe as it will be the most relaxing job.”

Hotels.com is opening up a “Sun-lounger” position, where you would be given £15,000 to travel around Europe’s hotspots to seek out the best and most unique lounging sets ups.

To find out more about the role, click here – https://uk.hotels.com/lp/b/sunlounger


Likes to relax with a cocktail in hand and a novel in the other. These self-indulgent self-treaters see this as a reward after months of hard work. But beware, they can also become party animals at night.


The sunbed hoggers are those who set alarms for 5 a.m. to get down to the pool, grab their towels and take advantage of the best loungers. Competitive planers and schemers love to feel better, even if that means annoying other holiday-makers.


You can tell they are closed-off and lonely by their large shades, large-brimmed sun hats or baseball caps with the brim pulled low. Their body language will be partly-closed or barrier and you disturb them at your peril because they’re all about peace.


They can only stay on the sunbed for a short amount of time without becoming bored. Fun and impulsive, their fidgeting means they’re also the ones most likely to tilt the sunbed over backwards while they’re trying to get


Forensic tanners know exactly where to place and reposition sunbeds, at what angles and at what time of the day. This ensures that they have the best golden glow. They will sunbathe without sunscreen if they can to get the best coverage.


They will set up their sunshade on their sunbed, and then sit down to work without even looking at the pool or view. Arriving loaded with laptops, phones and paperwork they’ll sit putting in a full day of work while their family is off having fun.


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