I’m a travel lover – I usually can’t sleep on planes but a $25 item from Amazon has changed that forever

A travel lover recommends this inexpensive item as a must-have for anyone who needs to sleep on a plane, car or train.

Many people find that the worst thing about traveling is not being able rest easily on their journey.


The inflatable pillow is a game-changer for travelers who have trouble sleeping on planes.Credit: TikTok
Long plane rides can be extremely uncomfortable but the cheap travel pillow may be able to help you fall asleep fast


It can be uncomfortable to travel long distances on planes. The cheap travel pillow may help you fall asleep quickly.Credit: Getty

This is especially true if you are traveling overnight on a longer plane flight.

Travel lovers recommend trying plane naps, even if it seems impossible. Inflatable neck pillowAmazon

“I think I finally found the hack to sleeping on planes,”TikToker Niki spoke in a Recent videoInformation about the product

The pillow retails for $25, which is quite reasonable considering the comfort it offers.

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The product isn’t your usual neck pillow that you panic-buy at the airport.

Multiple holes make it easy to rest your waist, head and neck on the sleeve.

To get the most comfortable and peaceful sleep possible, you can try many positions.

You can play games or watch videos on your phone or tablet by using the pillow’s inside as a shield.

This adds privacy to those sitting around you.

TikToker Niki shared her product to her 97.7k fans and said that she would be using it during her trip to Paris.

She suggested that you put the pillow on your stomach or on your plane tray to create a relaxing environment.

You get a pillow and other gifts, which is a great travel deal. You also receive an eye mask, earplugs and a drawstring bag for your pillow.

This pillow is not only affordable, but it’s also light and easy to carry in your luggage.

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A simple valve can be used to easily inflate and deflate the tank.

The product can be used for both long distance road trips and train rides.

An inflatable pillow on Amazon comes with free gifts to help you stay comfortable on your long plane ride or road trip


Amazon gives you an inflatable pillow for free to keep you comfortable on long road trips or plane ridesCredit to Amazon


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