I’m a superyacht stewardess & it’s not as glam as you might think – some of our jobs are pretty gross

It might seem glamorous to work on a superyacht, but this stewardess proves it’s not.

Caitlin, a superyacht stewardess, shares her experiences on working and living aboard one of these massive yachts. She also discusses the laundry she does every day and the odd hours she works.


Caitlin, Superyacht Stewardess, shares her daily routine aboard a yachtCredit: tiktok/@superyachtgirl
She spends some time on look-out duty watching for anything that could cause a collison


She spends some time looking out for any signs of collison.Credit: tiktok/@superyachtgirl

Caitlin shows you her daily routine at sea in two videos that she posted to her TikTok profile @superyachtgirl.

The videos are titled ‘day in the life of a superyacht stewardess’Parts one and two have been viewed more than one million times.

Caitlins has a very late start. She says that she wakes at 11 a.m., but it seems fair considering she finishes her work at 3 a.m.

She says that she is currently doing an ocean crossing. This means that the days may be different from if the yacht was docked at a harbour or on the land.

Caitlin, her crewmates and friends keep each other entertained onboard the ship. They set daily challenges to one another. The challenge of the day in Cailtin’s TikTok is  ‘guess the baby photo.’

She begins her day with laundry. Later she adds that there are ten guests and fourteen crew members so laundry is never empty. The crew also shares the chore.

After the washer was started, she cleaned up the laundry area before returning to work.

According to Caitlin’s video there are a lot of checklists involved when it comes to keeping the ship clean and tidy – which may be surprising for those who thought this would be a totally glam job.

She says that she has to wipe down some walls with disinfectant and water. “there’s a lot of cleaning involved to keep the yacht looking good.”

After cleaning up, she goes to the bridge to perform her look-out duties between 1-3 p.m. She clarifies in the comments that look-out means looking out for “floating debris or other ships which can result in collision.”

She says that she is a watchkeeper on duty and assists with the cleaning of the deck.

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Caitlin is then given a break, allowing her to relax with crew members and enjoy dinner.

The bridge is then used for night watch between 1-3 am and she must use a torch because it is so dark out on the open sea.

Caitlin says there's a lot of cleaning involved in working on a yacht


Caitlin said that cleaning a yacht requires a lot of effort.Credit: tiktok/@superyachtgirl
Perhaps a rather unglam item is it amount of checklists she has to tick off every day


One of the more mundane items is the number of checklists she must complete every day.Credit: tiktok/@superyachtgirl
With so many people on board the ship there's always laundry that needs doing


Because there are so many people aboard the ship, laundry is always a chore.Credit: tiktok/@superyachtgirl


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