I’m a packing expert and here are my 3 tips to travelling with just hand luggage for a week’s holiday

It is difficult to pack for holiday. Your suitcase may not be big enough to hold all your clothes, shoes, and toiletries.

A packing expert shared three tips on how to travel with only hand luggage for a week of holiday.


Kayleen Kelly is a travel expert and has shared three tips on how to travel with just hand luggage for a week.
She warned not to bother packing anything expensive in case airport security throws it away


She cautioned against packing anything too expensive for airport security.
She put the packing cubes on one side of the suitcase and her toiletries on the other


She placed her packing cubes on one end of the suitcase, and her toiletries the other.

Kayleen Kelly, self-described professional organiser, sharedA videoTiktok will show her 280,000 fans how to pack for a vacation.

She visited each room in her home, gathering the things she needed to bring on her week-long European trip.

Her first stop was the toilet. She advised viewers not to take too many toiletries, which can take up much space.

She also advised against packing expensive items in case it is confiscated by airport security.

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She stated: “I really pare down my make-up and skincare routines and stick to the basics – definitely sticking to TSA guidelines, and lots of other countries tend to be more strict so I never take expensive product.”

After going through both the kitchen and lounge, she moved to the bedroom to put her clothes away.

She suggested that travellers bring their bulkiest clothes, and then combine rolling and folding clothes to fit as many as possible in a suitcase.

She explained that she wore as many layers as possible to save space on planes.

“I’m maxing out my space the best I can by doing a combination of rolling and also folding the items – it’s kind of like a Tetris puzzle.”

Then, she packed all her clothes into compression packing cups. “game changer”He also advised travelers to do the same.

She stated: “The key player are the compression packing cubes, they are a game changer. They keep everything really organised while on the trip which I love.”

The packing cubes were placed on one side, and the shoes, toiletries and snacks on the other. She was now ready to go.

The video was viewed 340,000 times. People were huge supporters of the packing cubes.

One person wrote: “Packing cubes absolutely changed my game”You can also use the other one: “Love, love, love my packing cubes – everyone in the family has their own colour.”

Someone else put it simply: “Packing cubes are life changing.”

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Viewers loved the tips and were big supporters of packing cubes


The tips were loved by viewers and they were huge supporters of packing cubesCredit: Getty


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