I’m a flight attendant. I know everything about you before you board a airplane.

Have you ever wondered how much the flight attendant who served your drink knows about YOU? Turns out, a lot.

Certain airlines provide all sorts of information to cabin crew, including data stored on portable devices.


Many flight attendants have access to all information about their passengers (stock photo)Credit: Credit to: Caia Image / Alamy Stock Photo

In Reddit threadAccording to one attendant, they could see every detail on the iPads used by their airline.

They wrote, “We see everything.” Name, seat number, status, special handling, special meals.

“But we can also add preferences. For example, Mr Smith of First is wearing XL pajamas but doesn’t drink alcohol. I therefore know that I must preset the XL pjs for Mr Smith and not offer him a beverage.

“We also have service recovery and medical incidents. If you’ve had any disruption or medical incident, or were prevented from drinking on an earlier flight, I can see it.

“It’s important to recognize that you are not being treated differently. We can help you avoid repeated migraines if you get a headache or ask for too much alcohol.

“We also have general notes for things – the passenger in 33C is a nervous flier, 12K is travelling for compassionate reasons, 1A is a medical doctor who previously offered assistance, 20E’s name is pronounced “Al-ker-wicks’. You’d see things like this.”

However, such detailed information is not always the norm. Other airlines, on the other hand, primarily provide electronic devices to sell items to passengers and store instructions manuals.

One flight attendant wrote: “I can see your name, destination, connecting flight, pre-ordered meal, elite status, if you’re traveling with a companion, any special service requests, if you’ve had any problems with flights or baggage in a while and that’s about it. Nothing personal.

“I can ring up any transaction for items I sell onboard. That’s left for the customer service and reservation agents.

“What I do see is a lot more specialised information in regards to my duties and flight operations, communications with other personnel and more. It prevents me from carrying a 1,000 page manual.”

This is why frequent fliers might be concerned that flight attendants can have so many personal details about their passengers.

A second attendant said that confidentiality was taken very seriously.

They wrote: “Rest assured airline carriers and their flight attendants take confidentiality serious and each know the ramifications of using passenger information for any illegal usage.”

Some flight attendants will know lots of personal details about their passengers (stock image)


Many flight attendants have many personal details about passengers (stock illustration).Credit: Getty

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