I will not be able to accept the Who Cares wins Awards

DAME Deborah James today urges readers to ”big-up” their own healthcare heroes by nominating them for The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards.

Sun columnist “Dame Debs”He is a long-standing supporter of our annual awards and a judge of them. These awards honour extraordinary people who keep our health system running, including cleaners, porters, nurses, doctors, and paramedics.


Deborah is grateful to the team of health professionals who helped her at The Royal Marsden Hospital in 2019.Credit: Guilhem Bakker – The Sun
Dame Deborah James urges readers to nominate healthcare heroes for The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards


Dame Deborah James urges readers to nominate healthcare heroes for The Sun’s Who Cares Wins AwardsCredit: Tim Stewart
Dame Deborah James, pictured with husband Sebastien Bowen, is a long-time supporter and judge of our annual awards


Pictured with her husband Sebastien Bowen is Dame Deborah James. She has been a long-standing supporter of the awards and a judge for them.Credit to Instagram
I will not be able to accept the Who Cares wins Awards
I will not be able to accept the Who Cares wins Awards

Last year’s awards saw nominees honoured by Prince William, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and David Beckham in a star-studded ceremony screened on Channel 4 and hosted by Davina McCall.

Deborah encourages everyone to share their stories about healthcare heroes who have made an impact in your life, as we open nominations.

The former deputy head teacher, who is receiving end-of-life care after being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 2017, said: “I am in awe of the NHS, The Who Cares Wins Awards are the perfect opportunity to ‘big up’Such heroes are rare.

“Over the years I’ve been so honoured to be a judge at the awards, present awards and meet all the incredible nominees. It’s an incredible event and gives us all the chance to give our NHS heroes the recognition they deserve.

Nominate your NHS hero here

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“It goes without saying that I will forever be in debt to the incredible team that have cared for me at The Royal Marsden hospital in Surrey.

“No one doctor, nurse or specialist has kept me alive for the last five years, it’s taken an army.

“I owe my five years to the team at The Royal Marsden who told me they would throw the kitchen sink at my cancer, and never gave up

“From the receptionists greeting me with a smile to the porters calming me down mid-panic attack en route to my scans, to the nurses holding my hands through chemo, the surgeons who have blasted countless tumours, and my oncologist, who’s overseen it all, they’ve all got me this far.

“I am so grateful to have the peace of knowing that we tried everything, they left no stone unturned.”

Dame Debs is the mother of Hugo, a 14-year-old boy, and Eloise, a 12-year old girl with husband Sebastien. “They gave me precious more time with my family, and for that we will all be forever grateful.”

Prince William visited Debs’ team at Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea, West London, earlier this week. He explained to the NHS team how presenting her with her Damehood earlier on this month was a great idea. “a very special moment”

The launch of this year’s Who Cares Wins Awards is tinged with sadness as Deborah, who is being cared for by a hospice team at her parents’ home in Woking, knows she is unlikely to live long enough to see the ceremony.

She stated: “I’m gutted I’ll miss this year’s Awards, the chance to dress up and dance and say my thank yous in person. Wherever I might be, I will be raising a glass and watching over you all.”

Dame Debs shared her experience with the world after she was diagnosed.

‘Recognition they deserve’

The 40-year-old said: “My story isn’t one of sadness, it’s a celebration of getting to live for five years with incurable cancer, I’ve been so lucky. Although it was predicted that I would not survive to see my first Christmas since being diagnosed, I fought the odds.

“How? “How?

“There’s a saying, ‘Behind every great man, there’s a great woman’. Well behind every stage 4 cancer patient, there’s a heroic team of medics and support staff doing their job.”

It’s those jobs that Dame Debs wants you, Sun readers, to recognise by nominating your heroes.

We are interested in hearing from you about the local GP who didn’t give up, the paramedic that saved your life, or the hospital porter who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Dame Debs said: “Please, nominate your NHS heroes, show them how much they mean to us all, and let us all thank them.

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“And to all those NHS workers who have been there for me over the last five years, I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Learn how to nominate NHS heroes. July 12th is the deadline to submit entries.

Awards for Who Cares

THE Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards is back – and we need YOU to nominate your health heroes.

Our annual awards in partnership with NHS Charities Together honor the exceptional people who make our health service run, including cleaners to porters and nurses to doctors and paramedics.

We have an extra special awards night this year.

If you know someone who has done a great job for you or your family, you have the opportunity to say thanks.

Nominations should be for help you have received in the past 12 months, unless it is for an individual’s hard work over many years.

This year, the closing date for entries will be July 12.

Public support is crucial – Ellie Orton OBE (Chief Executive, NHS Charities Together)

The NHS is the backbone and beating heart of this country. It has enjoyed another remarkable year.

Our workforce had to face a mountain, with long waiting lists and high expectations of recovery from the pandemic.

We are the national, independent charity that cares for the NHS. Our research found that 81% of NHS staff (81%) think increasing pressures on the NHS services is as worrying as the peak of Covid pandemic.

We are certain that the public still feels a tremendous pride and affection towards the health system.

Our health workers are so grateful for this foundation of support. They have done everything possible to help the service on its long journey to recovery.

Every person has a reason for gratitude to the NHS. It is an incredible opportunity to recognize some of these heroes through the Who Cares Wins Awards.

We want to thank all of our healthcare workforce, from every section of the NHS – from the brave nurses, doctors and paramedics on the front line, to the essential staff behind the scenes that keep everything running, to those volunteering to support their local services.

Every person went to extraordinary lengths to keep us all going and care for us in the pandemic, and continue to help us today – and beyond.

Prince William presents Deena Evans with her 999 Hero award


Prince William presents Deena with her 999 Hero AwardCredit: Paul Edwards
Winner Charmaine George with her Mental Health Hero 2021 award


Charmaine George, winner of the Mental Health Hero 2021 awardCredit: Paul Edwards
Deborah James, pictured with family, receives her Damehood from Prince William


Deborah James is pictured here with her family as she receives her Damehood by Prince WilliamCredit: Graham Prentice
'Dame Debs' at last year’s Who Cares Wins awards


‘Dame Debs’ at last year’s Who Cares Wins awardsCredit to Louis Wood
The closing date for entries is July 12


The deadline for entries is July 12,


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