I was forced to pay £300 for CHILD’S meal at rip-off Mykonos restaurant after waiter’s sneaky tactic – I’m fuming

FURIOUS father lashes out at his daughter “rip off” restaurant after his daughter was allegedly charged nearly £300 for a single meal.

Tripadvisor reviewer, Kyle B, was visiting the Greek island of Mykonos when he visited restaurant, DK Oyster.


DK Oyster Bar is well-known for their outrageous prices but defends them fiercelyCredit: DK Oyster Bar

This beachside bar is located on the island’s beautiful Platis Gialos and is well-known for its high prices. It has also been accused of ripping off tourists.

There are hundreds of them. TripAdvisor reviews rated one starHowever, the company has previously vigorously defended its pricing.

Kyle ShareHe visited DK Oyster last Thursday and left a negative review. This was to warn other holidaymakers. “beware”.

He claimed he was with his daughter who ordered a lobster pasta – but was staggered when he received the bill for nearly £300.

Reviewer claimed that the waiter sold his daughter pasta while he was on the water at the beachside bars.

He asked for the price and was told it was 30 euros when he got out.

When he got the bill, the total amount for all they ordered was 500 euro. The lobster cost 350 euros.

He claimed, like many angry customers, that he had been charged extra by the restaurant. “by gram”For their delicious meals.

“Shame on me for not reading the reviews about this place first — or letting my kid order a meal on holiday at the beach,”He wrote.

The dad said: “Happy to pay any amount of it is upfront and honest and a true choice is involved. They don’t provide it here.”

His experience is shared by hundreds of customers. DK oyster has a 2.5-star rating on TripAdvisor based upon 1,464 reviews as at publication.

The bar has 578 one stars, 32 two stars, 19 three-star, 52 four-star, 337 five star and 337 five starred reviews.

Customers furious at the restaurant slammed it as “the worst in town”. “worst experience ever”They accused them of being a fugitive. “scam”.

One punter complains that they were charged $35 for a Diet Coke while another claims two glasses of wine with two appetisers are 400 euros.

They were also criticized by another customer. “absolutely disgusting an absolute rip off”They were both charged almost 1000 Euros for their drinks, snacks, and a cigar.

Others were however more positive, praising the restaurant’s setting and sayings “prices are good for the high class restaurant it is”.


Another positive punter wrote that the food was delicious. “worth every penny”.

DK Oyster has a reputation for high prices – and was recently fined £25,000 after an audit by Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency, reports ProtothemaAnd the Greek City Times.

The investigation was sparked by two Americans who claimed they were charged more than £500 for a pair of mojitos and some crab legs.

The restaurant also defended its prices in the past, stating: “we have carefully accounted for the cost in order to produce a product which we consider to be value for money”Staff were not allowed to display aggressive behavior.

However, angry customers have set up DKOysterScam.com to warn others and share their experiences.

And meanwhile, The Sun Online spoke to angry holidaymaker Jak Kypri who revealed he was charged £360 for four drinks and a snack at DK Oyster

Jak ordered two tequilas and two beers along with some shrimp. When it arrived, it was just “six prawns”.

“They became aggressive and started crowding around me when I questioned the astronomic and unjustified prices,”He said.

“I thought, I’m an 18-stone guy, I speak Greek, I won’t be intimidated.”

Platis Gialos, which is known for its luxurious hotels and restaurants, is also home to a Turkish restaurant run by Nusret Gokce (also known as Salt Bae).

DK Oyster Bar has been contacted by The Sun Online for comment.


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