‘I saved £264 a year on my broadband bill by just asking for a cheaper price’

When one Virgin Media customer discovered their bill was rising by potentially £56 a year, they decided to take action – and lowering it was a lot easier than they expected

Price rise season kicked off this week, with Virgin Media announcing a mammoth £56 a year increase for millions of customers from March – when a string of inflation rises will come into force.

Reddit user, however, took the initiative after realizing that their bill was going to be a big hit.

An anonymous customer shared that they called Virgin Media to negotiate a lower price for their bill.

Sharing the win, they managed to reduce their monthly bill by £22 a month – or £264 a year – by simply asking for a more competitive plan.

They were also able to double their broadband speeds.

They said that they had received a post under the username @super_jobby “Ringing up expecting to pull teeth out haggling with Virgin Media, first person I spoke to doubled my broadband speed and bill is £22 a month cheaper.”

The customer was not able to share the price they paid before and after or if they had telephone and TV services.

You can be a bargaining power: Disputes about price increases could lead to great things


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It’s worth trying adding: “Suspiciously easy… anyone else thinking of renewing, call today!!”

Virgin customers affected by the rise in prices should contact The Mirror to find out more. The company informed The Mirror that it is currently writing to UK customers to inform them about the changes.

If you feel the increase has affected you, you can terminate your contract immediately without any charges.

How do you lower your bill? Experts say that you shouldn’t settle for a lower price, regardless of whether it’s your TV, broadband, or mobile phone.

These are Topcashback’s top 10 tips to win at bargaining – for consumers.

Do your research

You should be prepared for bargaining by being well-versed in the prices and offers from other retailers.

This allows you to play off rival brands and negotiate better deals for your business.

Be polite and build a relationship

It is difficult to get results by being aloof and not stating what price you are willing to pay.

Building a relationship and sharing a story (e.g., you want the item but are unable to afford it, or you have a partner who is not as invested) will make a salesperson feel more comfortable with you and help them to be open to negotiation.

Choose your timing

Timing is key. Retailers who are less busy or have a lower sales target need to increase sales even if the price is higher.

It’s better to shop when it’s less crowded. You can also keep a calendar note for one month in case you need to remind yourself to bargain if you are looking to negotiate a contract.

Ask for freebies

If the retailer refuses to lower the price, you can still get the best deal.

Although they might not be able to offer you a monetary discount on your purchase, salespeople may be willing to throw in a free item like a laptop bag or a free phone call.

They may even offer a voucher for your next purchase.

Find bargains on goods

It’s possible that a retailer may offer lower prices if they are already selling the product at a reduced price. This is a good strategy towards the end.

Find flaws

To compensate for damage to a product or a damaged packaging, request a discount

Even the smallest flaws, such as tiny holes in clothing or dents in electrical equipment, can be easily fixed and could save you some money.

Haggle at The Top

Asking for a manager is a good idea if you are trying to haggle in-store. An assistant salesperson may not be able to offer you a discount, so they might just give you a no.

It may lead to better results if you build a relationship and work with someone who has more power in keeping customers satisfied.

Keep quiet

A salesperson may make an offer, then remain silent. But instead of being awkward and filling the silence by saying yes, they should keep quiet and offer a better deal.

Haggle online

A majority of customers say that they have been able to get a discount by speaking with a service agent via a chat box.

Ask some questions about the product that you are interested in buying and then inquire if they have any better offers or discounts. Online bargaining could lead to cashback.

Do not be under pressure

If it gets too overwhelming, say that you are on your lunch hour and must go to work again or have another appointment. This will give you an excuse to leave if you feel pressured to do something you don’t know about.

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