‘I knew I had to help as much as I could’: A former Ukrainian orphan returns home to help others

Los Angeles man who was orphaned in Ukraine once before is returning home to help other children.

“Being an orphan in general is tough. To be an orphan in war, go through what they go through and hear sirens and bombs, it’s traumatizing for them,”Vlad Finn, a 29-year-old man, was born in Kharkiv during the Russian invasion.

Finn reacted to the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

“When I was in L.A. seeing it all go down, I knew I had to help as much as I could,”Finn spoke.

Finn was raised in an orphanage from the age of 15 to his death.

“That’s when I was adopted with my brother Dennis, who was in a different orphanage,”He said. “We were adopted by an NYPD retired detective. They brought us to New York, Long Island. I had a lot of people help me in my life. I had a lot of kind people who extended their hand to me.”

Finn is now attempting to make a donation to the more 100,000 orphans living in Ukraine, many of which are from war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Aerial Recovery Group coordinates the escape of these orphans by train or car.

“One of my clients connected me with Aerial Recovery Group, saving orphans from dangerous war zones toward eastern part of Ukraine,”He said. “The work they do behind the scenes is amazing. When they make it toward the western part of Ukraine, they’re exhausted. A lot of them get relief and peace for now.”

This group ensures that the children have shelter, food, clothing, and everything else they need to feel safe and secure.

“Last night at 3 a.m., we welcomed 40 kids, situated them in an apartment, help them with their bag, welcome them,”Finn spoke.

Finn said despite the ongoing conflict, he’s not scared for himself, only for the children.

“Growing up in Ukraine and an orphanage, it’s really close to my heart, so to be in this position now is incredible,”He said. “It’s rewarding, why a lot of us do this, to make sure they get at least that peace and hopefully much better future than what’s happening.”

Visit this site for more information Aerial Recovery Group’s website.


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