I booked an Airbnb to host my friend

A WOMAN was left with a $6,864 (£5,079) bill after booking an Airbnb for her friend – who then trashed it.

They shared their horror story, which included their mate leaving behind burned pillows and dog poo.


A woman has claimed her friend left her with a £5k Airbnb damage bill

In a now deleted clip, she captioned: “When you lend your friend money and rent them an Airbnb and they ghost you and this happens.”

She shared a screengrab that showed Trish, the Airbnb host, asking for huge damages.

Some of the damage was revealed in the follow-up video.

These included sofa cushions that had been thrown on top of the fire, leaving large burn marks. Daily Dot.

Her friend also left ash everywhere from the fire and let her dog poo inside the house.

TikTok users were shocked at the fact that her friend did not only trash the place but also signed a guest book with her name, in an attempt to shift the blame.

The video was viewed over 1.4 million times before being deleted.

One person commented: “This is why I don’t help anyone.”

In the comments, the woman said that the Airbnb owner was “very kind”She was open to the idea and said she knew she wasn’t responsible for the damage.

Some people felt that the damages were too costly for the damage done, and suggested that they raise the amount with Airbnb.

Other explained, however, that costs could not have been just for damages but also for lost earnings while the place is being fixed.

A woman claimed that her Airbnb rental was filthy and had broken furniture. She posted the images on TikTok.

The Airbnb host asked for the damage fee after her friend left dog poo and burnt cushions


After her friend left dog poo, burnt cushions and other damages, the Airbnb host requested that she pay the damage fees
I had a disgusting Airbnb experience – it had dirty utensils and a grimy shower and I only got refunded half of it


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