I am an airplane seat designer. My double-decker design for air travel could revolutionize how you fly, but others are horrified.

With his double-decker air seating design, an airplane seat designer could have revolutionized economy aviation.

Although the design is a great success, many people find it horrifying to be seated underneath another passenger.


With his double-decker concept, an airplane seat designer might have revolutionized economy aviation.Credit: Getty
The designer made a prototype of seats on two levels that allows people in economy class to stretch their legs


A prototype of two-level seats was created by the designer that allows economy class passengers to stretch their legs.Credit: Crystal Cabin Awards

Alejandro Núñez Vicente first developed the idea of double-decker seating last year as a 21-year-old college student.

His Chaise Longue Aplane Seat is making a big splash in the aviation world. He’s currently talking to major airlines and investors about making this dream a reality.

“My purpose here is to change the economy class seats for the better of humanity, or for all the people that cannot afford to pay for more expensive tickets,” Núñez Vicente told CNN.

His design focuses on giving economy fliers more legroom, which he regards as one of the most unpleasant aspects of cheap flights.

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You can both stretch your legs and not bump your ankles by placing the seats in front of each other.

Núñez Vicente’s prototype has two ladder steps for travelers to access the top level, CNN explained.

CNN tested the seat prototypes, but they didn’t move. However, CNN set them up in different positions so that it would be possible to show that reclining will be possible.

According to the seat designer, he believes that he can accomplish the setup by taking out the overhead cabin which was used for storage of luggage.

He instead created a space between each seat to store his baggage.

While the issue of leg room is solved with Núñez Vicente’s prototype, it could be a bit claustrophobic for some fliers who would sit underneath someone else.

“I grow more from listening to the critics and listening to the bad comments, than from listening to the good comments and the flowers that they throw me,” Núñez Vicente said.

As he believes that double-decker construction is beneficial to the masses, the designer is determined and will make it a reality.

“One of the phrases I get a lot is ‘If it’s not broken, why change it?'”He said.

“So why is it that we are going to offer better options for passengers who still fly in the lowest economy class seats? It’s a good investment.

“That’s the goal of the airline at the end of the day, not to make your flight better.”

Núñez Vicente is still getting some traction despite his model being at odds with the traditional flight business model.

“Right now, we’re showing the market what we have,”He said.

“And we’re letting the market come and tell us what we need to do next.”

The young designer will now present his prototype to top airline executives, and work with engineers to fine-tune the product.

“If you asked me before, I would have said maybe it’s just a university project,” Núñez Vicente told CNN.

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“It is now more real than ever, thanks to all the hard work and all the effort of so many, many people.

“We see it as the future of the economy class.”


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