I am a travel expert. Here are 5 ways to have your dream vacation on a limited budget.

A TRAVEL expert revealed five ways to have a vacation you love on a tight budget.

Andrea Knowles, a bargain hunter, says that factors such as the date you book your travel can result in a significant saving.


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1. Book accommodation before you book your flight

Andrea – Andrea is the resident bargain expert Vouchers.co.ukThis article claims that holidaymakers should prioritize booking a hotel over cheap flights.

She stated, “When booking a holiday many people begin the process looking for the cheapest flight. However, this is not always the best practice.

“As your accommodation is likely to be your most expensive cost, it should be your priority when booking as you can generate the biggest saving.”

You should ensure that you check whether the hotel you are booking is easily accessible from the airport you will be flying to.

2. Book your flight 56 days in advance

Sometimes, savvy shoppers may be able to score amazing deals last-minute. However, research has shown that booking 56 days in advance can result in the largest savings.

Andrea said: “After analysing more than 13.2 billion prices across 100 popular routes, the travel search engine, Momondo, found that booking a flight 56 days in advance turns out to be the cheapest.

However, sales are also included so take it with a grain of salt.

“Book in advance if you’re in doubt.”

3. Check out airlines offering free luggage upgrades

Ryanair and other budget airlines no longer allow you carry-on luggage. Even a flight that seems cheap can quickly turn into a costly one if you bring luggage.

This could be solved with a simple online tool.

Andrea explained: “It’s definitely worth booking all of your flights via Google Flights as they let you search with a ‘carry-on bag’ option ticked – showing you the true price of a flight.”

4. Stay in an Airbnb that offers a washing station

An Airbnb rental apartment can offer many benefits for a budget-friendly price, including a fully equipped kitchen and washing facilities.

Andrea explained that staying in accommodation that has laundry facilities allows you to take less luggage and save money on your flight.

She said: “Airbnb allows you to search for properties with this specific feature, allowing you to pack light and wash your clothes whilst you’re out there.

“In addition, you should also look for accommodation with a kitchen so you can save money by not having to eat out for all three meals per day.”

5. Book a Thursday cruise

You can affect the price of an exotic cruise by choosing the day of week you book it.

Andrea revealed: “The price of a cruise can fluctuate throughout the year and is dependent on several factors, such as if there’s been an increase in bookings or the total availability left.

“However, research from Cruise Critic has revealed that prices tend to drop mid-week, with booking on a Thursday likely to get you the best deal.”

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You don't have to spend a lot of get an amazing holiday


A great holiday doesn’t require you to spend a lot.Credit to Alamy


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