I am a lawyer. This is why I will not take any prescription medication that hasn’t been given to me by my pharmacist.

A LAWYER revealed the shocking reason you shouldn’t take prescription pills unless they’re given to you by your pharmacist. This is based on what she has seen on the job.

Lawyer Carrie from TikTok stated that she has seen a disturbing amount of prescription drugs which appear legitimate but are not. “counterfeit with traces of fentanyl.”


A lawyer revealed the reasons why prescription pills should be avoided unless given to you by a pharmacistCredit: Getty

@carriedjernigan1 was a TikTok user who shared her tips to her 1.2million followers based upon her experience as an attorney.

She shared in this video the exact methods she uses to treat prescription drugs, based on horrific crime lab results she witnessed.

“I will not ever remove any prescription pills from outside the original container that I got them in,” Carrie said.

She stated that she doesn’t use a travel pill organizer while she’s driving or on the road.

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“I will not keep in my personal possession a pill bottle that belongs to someone else,”She continued.

Lawyer Carrie stated that she wouldn’t take any prescription pills that weren’t prescribed to her.

“Now I know some of y’all are like ‘Who would do that? That’s illegal,'”She spoke.

“It is very common.”

She stated that people are willing to help and might offer you a spare pill if you have a toothache.

“Lots of people would take that without thinking twice,” Carrie said.

“And I will just tell you I would not do that right now.”

“The amount of crime lab reports that are coming back with medication that looks like it came straight from a legitimate pharmacy and it is counterfeit with traces of fentanyl is insanely scary.”

She stated that she would not accept medication unless it was prescribed to her by a pharmacist.

Many commenters agreed with Carrie that her advice was sound, based on their own experience.

“TRUTH! I learned this during my internship with the Public Defenders office,”Someone said.

Another person commented “This is such great advice.”

“As a healthcare professional for us to have any unprescribed medications in our possession would be trouble,”They went on.

“Amen – I work in probation and you are absolutely correct,”Another person said.

Elle Woods-inspired lawyer has also offered advice about what to do if you are wrongly accused.


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