I am a flight attendant. There are 3 rules of etiquette you should follow.

FLIGHT attendant shares her top tips for travellers to be polite while on the road.

The 35-year old unnamed passenger has been flying for 14 years with a US airline.


An airline attendant revealed who gets the armrests in a middle seat.Credit: Getty

Speak to InsiderShe spoke candidly about her experience as cabin crew. This included how she survived the pandemic, the challenges of raising children, and how she loves meeting passengers.

She shared her top advice with three tips.

She said: “If I could give an airline-etiquette PSA, I’d say I wish more passengers knew middle seat armrests are for the middle seat passenger — both of them.”

She has been supported by other flight attendants as well as travel experts.

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Boris Millan, Cabin Crew member, explained the situation Podcast Confessions on the Fly: “They did a lot of research in the UK for some reason about this – when you sit in the middle seat, you get to have…”

LJ then interjects: “You get both armrests!”Boris is also in agreement “It’s common sense, guys. It’s common sense.”

Dealchecker’s Travel Expert, Rosie Panter also told Cosmopolitan: “It’s universally accepted that the middle seat passenger has drawn the short straw, so they should get the luxury of both armrests.”

The flight attendant also advised that you should never exercise on a plane.

She continued, “If I do yoga in the back galley my butt is in your face.”

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. One couple was kicked for performing yoga at back of plane; another woman stunned passengers after performing downward dog in the middle aisle.

The flight attendant’s last tip was to make sure that passengers are aware of what’s actually on the floor.

She also added: “The ‘water’ on the bathroom floor is pee.”

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Over the years, many flight attendants have advised passengers not to go to the toilet without wearing shoes.

Crew warns you not to remove your shoes on a flight.

She also explained what the liquid on the bathroom floor really is, as well as why doing yoga on a flight isn't fun for crew


She also explained what the liquid is on the bathroom floor, and why crew members shouldn’t do yoga on flights.Credit: Credit to: Caia Image / Alamy Stock Photo


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