I accidentally received $3,000 from my old job – and they told me to mail them a CHECK back

A TEXAS woman accidentally received $3,000 from her old job — and they told her to mail the company a check in return.

The Tiktoker, who goes by the name @rebuildingmary, took to the social media platform to explain the unique situation she found herself in.


The Tiktoker, who goes by the name @rebuildingmary, took to the social media platform to explain what happenedCredit: TikTok / Rebuilding Mary
The Tiktoker was told that the funds were 'deposited in error'


The Tiktoker was told that the funds were ‘deposited in error’Credit: TikTok / Rebuilding Mary

The 59-second Tiktok video, which was uploaded last week and has since obtained nearly 2million views, is accompanied by the caption: “Needless to say

“I’m #bitter #greenscreen #fired #lawsuit #error #payroll #texaseducation #blackmail #systemfailedme #fyp #fixit #notmyproblem.”

The woman explains at the start of the video: “Logged into my bank account.

“Noticed there was a lot of money in there that shouldn’t have been in there.

“Messaged my old job and said: ‘Hey I think I got paid by accident? I’m pretty sure.'”

After being connected to payroll, @rebuildingmary learned that her old job wrongly deposited money in her bank account.

The response email to @rebuildingmary read: “Amaryah, There was not supposed to be funds deposited in your bank account for payroll.

“The funds were deposited in error. Please make to return the funs either by check or contact our business office.”

After showing a screengrab of the email, the Tiktoker slammed the company for requesting a check.

She said: “I’m 24… I don’t have checks. I have zero checks. In fact, I don’t know anybody that actually has a checkbook anymore. Do you?

“Does anybody in their 20s have a checkbook?”

The Tiktoker then noted that her closes bank was located 45 minutes away and the company’s location was more than an hour away.

In a follow-up video, she revealed she used to work for a local school district, but the company reaching out to her about the wrongly deposited funds was the Texas State Education Agency.

She also described the day she was fired and how she had to bring all her work-related belongings to a meeting.

Her firing was connected to alleged harassment by her former husband, she explains.

The Tiktok user also claimed in the comments section of her video that her lawyer said she “probably has grounds to sue for wrongful termination.”

In response to someone who commented on her Tiktok page about keeping the money, she replied: “Finally somebody else other than me said it everybody gettin mad I didn’t keep it, like y’all it’s the state I’m not playin that game [sic].”

Another user commented: “Do not return it via check. Tell them to do an ACH pull back and get written confirmation they removed the funds and you will not be taxed.”

According to another video made by the Tiktoker, the money was eventually taken back by the company without the assistance of a check.

She said: 'I don't have checks. I have zero checks'


She said: ‘I don’t have checks. I have zero checks’Credit: TikTok / Rebuilding Mary

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