Huntington Beach Man Found Dead in California’s Death Valley – Los Angeles

According to park officials, a Huntington Beach man was found dead in California’s Death Valley National Park.

Park visitors discovered the body of David Kelleher (67 years old) just a few feet away from a highway Tuesday. It was less than a week after a ranger found one car in the same area. Zabriskie Pointparking lot. The same park ranger saw the same car three days later in the same lot at the famous viewpoint.

Kelleher was found with a crumpled note in his car. “Out of gas.”

Kelleher was not reported missing at that time. Authorities began an aerial and ground search for Kelleher, focusing on the Badlands Trails and Golden Canyon. Due to heat, the search was restricted.

The park was at 123°F during Kelleher’s week-end disappearance.

Park visitors found Kelleher’s body at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. It was more than two miles away from Kelleher’s car and 30 feet from Highway 190. According to park officials, Kelleher would have seen the highway through terrain and a mesquite trees.

Officials stated that he was seen walking towards Furnace Creek from Zabriskie Point after running out.

Kelleher also said that he was low in gas when he was issued an off-road driving citation on May 30, by a park ranger close to Dantes View Road.

Kelleher’s recent death is the second atrocity at the park. Panamint Valley found a 69-year old Long Beach man dead on June 1.

Park rangers advise that people in extreme heat should remain in their cars and wait for help rather than trying to walk to get it. Kelleher’s car was also at one of their stations. Most popular viewsThe park is located east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, along the California/Nevada border.

It is famous for being the hottest and driest national park.


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