Huntington Beach Holds Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Coyote Sightings – Los Angeles

Southern California has a lot of coyote sightings.

A coyote attacked Huntington Beach’s 2-year-old girl and left behind a trail of blood.

The city plans to eventually create a taskforce, where a neighbor will be responsible for watching out for coyotes, so that every sighting can be reported and logged. However, residents of the city want a quick solution.

“How many of you have seen a coyote in your community? yea, basically everybody,”Kevin Frager, OC animal care 

While not as many, the majority of those in this informational townhall claim that they have lost pets to coyotes.

“We were home. He jumped over my fence, picked up my dog, jumped back, ate him, ate him across the street,” Janet Nemmert said. 

Long-time Huntington Beach resident, she isn’t shy about what she believes needs to be done.

“I say kill them all, the coyotes,” Nemmert said. 

It’s not what state and local animal experts feel is the solution…nor do they say is relocation

 “You take a coyote out of its habitat. First thing it’s going to do is turn around and come right back,”Rebecca Barboza is a biologist at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

“You have alphas and betas, once you wipe out the alphas, the betas move in so instead of three, you’ll have nine mating pairs,”Randal Massaro, a member of the union for conservation of wildlife. 

Local residents say that coyote sightings at Huntington Beach are not unusual.

International news was made when the sightings of a coyote attacking a 2-year-old girl in the sand became news. This is rare, according to animal experts. 

“A normal healthy coyote, they’re fearful of people,”- Frager

They arrive in search for food, usually rodents.

“They play a significant role in the ecological order of our community,”Aaron Pai, a resident who is also a business owner. 

The resident believes they are important and should be protected.

“I think we all just need to coexist with coyotes — they’re ultimately the locals in this town … they were here first,”Pai said. 

“We were first here too,”Betty Flynn, a resident said. “I think the bottom line is they don’t want to be in the wetlands, they’re moving up the food chain they’re not eating the squirrels, rats they’re looking for something else.”

Experts have some tips to keep coyotes away from your pets and home, as they are naturally found in their habitat.

Rodents are their number one food source. Keep your landscaping tidy so they don’t have any place to nest or hide.

If you have fruit trees, take the fruit to the ground.

Coyotes love tight spaces, so make sure you clear any brush from your home that they might hide in.

Coyotes love water so an outdoor fountain is a great idea.

You can make loud noises when you see a coyote to scare them off.


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