‘Hunter X Hunter’ Manga Slated To Return?

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It’s been a long four years for Hunter x Hunter fans. For anime-only fans, it was a longer wait. In 2018, the manga, which was published since 1998, was taken off-line. It’s been crickets for a long time. The sixth season of the newest anime was released in 2014, and it has remained silent since.

The Hunter x Hunter community certainly hasn’t been quiet, though. The show’s introduction to Netflix, along with consistent word of mouth, has seen the fanbase grow significantly. Even 8 whole years after the last season of the anime, there’s still plenty of discussion and fan service going on throughout social media. It seems like it is finally happening. Hunter x Hunter The past is gone.

The Return of Hunter x Hunter

The anime’s hiatus is a direct result of the manga’s hiatus. The current Dark Continent arc doesn’t have enough content out for the anime to produce another full season. So we’ve just been waiting for any word from Yoshihiro Togashi for some time now. Togashi was out of the spotlight for quite some time. He hasn’t put out anything since the brief Akuten Wars manga in 2017.

We can see from his words that his most loved works can cause him great stress. Before Hunter x HunterThe wildly popular book was also written by him. YuYu HakushoIn the early 1990s. He claims that the stress of writing the book caused him to have chest pains and insomnia.

The most likely reason for Togashi’s absence is stress. Hopefully, Togashi has prioritized his health in the last few years. More than anything, the fans are glad to see he’s back with a new announcement of 4 new manga chapters directly from His Twitter account.

togashi hunter x hunter announcement twitter
Yoshihiro Togashi’s announcement photo on his Twitter

The photo shows a template page for manga with rough sketches that you can see in one corner. He writes in Japanese, but the translation is into English. “Four more chapters for the time being”.

Season 7 and 4 of New Chapters

Are these four new chapters enough? Hunter x Hunter Season 7? Fans seem optimistic that the answer is yes. Already, the internet is abuzz about the possibility that Season 7 could arrive as early as 2023. This timeline is realistic, but how realistic? It is unlikely that this timeline is realistic. It seems that 2024 would be a better release date if the four chapters appear in Shonen Jump magazine within 6-8 months. That’s assuming there’s enough content there at all for the animation studio to greenlight Season 7’s production. Here’s hoping.

The new chapters are now available Hunter x Hunter manga are coming soon. Season 7 hopefully won’t be far behind.


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