Hulu has removed Travis Scott’s Astroworld, Concert From Hell from its site?

Many people were injured or killed at the Astroworld Festival by Travis Scott in November 2021.

After the festival was covered in endless media outlets, Hulu granted a documentary to the streaming service.


After the destruction, Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival continues its dominance

What happened at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert.

Astroworld was the name of a music festival in Houston, Texas that Travis Scott created.

The concert opened on Friday, 5 November 2021. A large audience was there and the concert was set to continue on Saturday, 6 November.

Numerous concertgoers were injured or killed by crowd surges, stampedes and moshpits.

Ten people were killed and many others sustained injuries in the aftermath of the incident.

Hulu released a documentary about Astroworld?

Hulu released Astroworld: Concert From Hell on December 1.

“Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival was supposed to be the concert of a lifetime,”The synopsis of the documentary is available here.

Adding: “But it turned into a tragic nightmare. A minute-by-minute look at what happened in the crowd, the young victims who were killed, and what happens next.”

Hulu was hit hard by social media backlash after the streaming feature was released.

One Twitter user said, “The jump to profit from trauma as soon as possible is REALLY disturbing.”

“It’s alarming how fast these streaming services churn out docuseries after traumatic events,”Twittered another user

Many users claim Hulu to be distasteful for releasing a documentary special on the Astroworld disaster just a month after the tragic event


Hulu’s release of a special documentary on the Astroworld disaster a month after it happened is distasteful according to many users.Credit: Getty

What did Travis Scott have to say about the Hulu documentary

Hulu removed Astroworld: Concert From Hell on December 2nd.

The streaming platform has yet not commented on the documentary being unavailable.

Travis Scott has not yet commented on Hulu’s documentary about his festival.

Scott’s lawyer Daniel Petrocelli spoke to the media on November 23 about the unfortunate incident.

“Travis is devastated by the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld Festival and grieves for the families whose loved ones died or were injured,” Petrocelli said on Scott’s behalf.

“Travis is committed to doing his part to help the families who have suffered and begin the long process of healing in the Houston community.”

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