Hugh Laurie’s New Murder Mystery Show. What to Know

House Hugh Laurie, the star and writer of the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s acclaimed novel, is the producer, director, and producer. Why didn’t Evans ask them? Britbox has three parts of the miniseries. The original story was written in 1934. It premiered April 12, 2022.

Laurie plays Dr. James Nicholson’s support role in Why didn’t Evans ask them? The story is about a young couple, Bobby Jones and Lady Francesca. “Frankie”Derwent was cast as Will Poulter for Lucy Boynton and Lucy Boynton for them. Other stars include  Emma Thompson, Jonathan Jules, Paul Whitehouse, Benedict Wolf, Carlie Enoch and Nia Trussler Jones. This is a murder mystery, just like many of Christie’s works. In this case, young Bobby happens across another man in his dying moments and seeks to unravel the mystery of his dying words — “Why didn’t they ask Evans?”

Laurie spoke to reporters starting from Reuters He spoke out about the premiere and explained why it was so important to him. He said: “I would say the novel has been a passion of mine for a long time. The more I thought about it, the more I enjoyed the idea of trying to get what I thought was a sort of comic adventure spirit onto the screen.”

Laurie’s story preserves many of the original elements. It is set in Wales and explores the childhood friendship of Bobby Jones (Poulter), and Lady Frances Derwent, (Boynton), Laurie stated that the setting and stylistic choices were important to the story’s enjoyment.

“There’s a snappy, almost American kind of style to it that I think she [Christie] was going for,”The 62-year old actor stated. “I felt it was a very precious thing to try and preserve and maybe in some places, go and explore a little further. But I’m trying to be as faithful to the spirit of the thing as I could.”

BritBox premiered Laurie’s adaptation of The Book without it being broadcast on cable or broadcast TV. All three episodes were aired simultaneously. Although there is no hint Laurie or the producers plan to continue the story, many novel adaptations of the source material have expanded the reach of the story.

However, the miniseries was well received and Christie still has plenty of material for adaptation. The miniseries will continue to be produced in the interim. Why didn’t Evans ask them?You can stream it now on BritBox


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