Hugh Jackman gives a heartfelt update after testing positive for COVID-19

Hugh Jackman, actor, died January 6. TwitterHis close to 15,000,000 followers will be updated on his COVID-19 diagnosis. “First morning out in 10 days. Cold and excited,”In his tweet, he shared the information. “Most importantly though, I want to give a shout out to health care workers around the world. The physical and mental toll this pandemic must be taking on you and your families is unimaginable,”He added, “Your dedication to help is next level.”

A video was attached to the tweet. It showed Jackman, a mask-wearing man, walking outside with his dog and offering an update about his COVID-19 fight. Like his tweet, he had unending praise for healthcare workers — stating, “I know so many people are going through this, but I just really want to give a shoutout again to our healthcare workers. I cannot imagine how you guys are coping after two years of just this exhausting, never-ending story that is COVID.”

He added: “Hospitals are struggling again, and then you guys just continue day in, day out to take care of so many people”And that he is “just so, so grateful for all you do … I just really had to say it again: thank you, thank you, thank you.”Per NBC NewsDue to rapid spread of the Omicron variant, 1 million COVID cases are now being reported in the U.S.


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