How to watch the solar eclipse online – livestream the Sun this weekend

A SOLAR eclipse will see the Sun blotted out by our Moon – but when, where and how can you watch?

We have created a simple guide to how to view the solar eclipse online if you cannot make it to a spot that is visible with your eyes.


This Nasa illustration illustrates how a sun eclipse worksCredit: Nasa

When is the next eclipse of the sun?

The next solar eclipse will be visible on October 25, 2022 – but not for everyone.

It will be a total eclipse of the Sun, meaning that the entire Sun will disappear as the Moon passes by it.

The Moon will create a stunning effect for skygazers by obscuring the Sun’s image for Earth viewers.

It is most effective viewed from Antarctica or its environs.

You will however be able to view a partial eclipse, if you live in one of the most southerly reaches.

You will be able to see parts of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand from Chile.

“In many of these locations, the eclipse will occur before, during, and after sunrise or sunset,” Nasa explained.

“This means that viewers will need to get a clear view of the horizon during sunrise or sunset in order to see the eclipse.”

Sadly, the next total solar eclipse in the USA isn’t expected until April 8, 2024 – with no others in the 21st Century for the bulk of Europe.

The previous event on June 10 was a “ring of fire”Named after the red halo around the Sun during an eclipse.

How to watch the eclipse online

Even if you are unable to make it to Antarctica for the eclipse, you can still view it online.

Nasa confirmed it will livestream the spectacle.

According to Nasa, the livestream is dependent on weather conditions.

The stream will be accessible on Nasa’s YouTube channel as well as the official website. Website.

The JM Pasachoff Antarctic Expedition will stream the footage from Union Glacier, Antarctica.

The stream is due to begin at 1.30am EST on December 4 – that’s 6.30am UK time, or 10.30pm the night before in California.

Totality will begin at 2.44am EST and the stream will close at 3.37am.

How to safely observe the solar eclipse

Watching the solar eclipse online means no safety required – just enjoy the magic via your screen.

Follow Nasa’s advice if you are lucky enough to witness the eclipse in person.

“When viewing a partial solar eclipse, you must wear solar viewing or eclipse glasses throughout the entire eclipse if you want to face the Sun,” Nasa says.

“Solar viewing, or eclipses glasses, are NOT regular sunglasses. Regular sunglasses can’t be used to see the Sun safely.

If you are within the path of a total sun eclipse, your eclipse or solar viewing glasses can be removed only when the Moon is blocking the Sun.

See “To find out when your glasses can be safely removed, click here This page.”

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