How to View Katey & Jedidiah Duggar’s Birth Video for Baby Truett

Former Counting on The star Jedidiah duggar and Katey Nakatsu welcomed their first baby together. Now, they’re sharing the birth video with fans. Continue reading to learn how you can see this Duggar family moment.

Truett Oliver, was born May 2, 2022. He is Jedidiah and Katey’s first child together. They got married in April 2021. Katey announced her pregnancy in Sept 2021.

Jedidiah has shared some photos about Katey since his arrival on Instagram. There is also a private account that appears to be for friends and family, rather than for fans.

Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Duggar births, and other significant life events, have been featured on TLC’s past TLC shows. 19 Kids & Counting And Counting on. However, because their show has come to an end, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids have come up with additional ways for fans to keep up with them and their families.

Jedidiah, Katey and their family recorded a birth clip for the fans. The full birth video of Baby Truett appears to be available for fans. Continue reading to learn how you can view it.

Katey & Jedidiah Duggar release the birth video.

Jedidiah & Katey shared the birth video on Instagram. They released the first part when they announced their son’s birth earlier this week. The video featured the couple getting ready to go, the nursery being shown, and the first few hours in the hospital.


The second portion of Katey and Jedidiah Duggar’s new video features labor and delivery. Jedidiah and Katey give updates to viewers as they progress and prepare for their son’s delivery.

Also, the video features the moment when the couple meet their baby for the first time. They seem happy. The whole family seems healthy and happy.

These videos are loved by fans, Jedidiah as well as Katey. Fans hope to see more of the family’s moments on YouTube and Instagram soon.

Katey and Jedidiah Duggar YouTube

You can also watch Part 1 of the Birth Video is available here Part 2 hereOr, you can find them both here.

So, did you enjoy watching Katey and Jedidiah Duggar’s birth video for their son, Truett Oliver? Do you miss seeing these things on TLC’s Counting on? We would love to hear your comments in the comment section below. Return to TV Shows Ace Find out more Duggar family news.

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