How to unlock Tom Holland and Nathan Drake skins

TOM Holland will star in Fortnite for a second time as part of a new crossover with Uncharted later this week.

The actor’s portrayal of main protagonist Nathan Drake will be available as a new skin in a special event from February 17.


Tom Holland blasts into Fortnite as Nathan DrakeCredit: Epic Games

An original version of the character will also land on Fortnite, as well as movie and video game forms of fellow treasure hunter Chloe Frazier (played by Sophia Ali in the new film).

Players had to solve an online Epic Games puzzle to find out what the latest crossover is.

A treasure hunt website was launched, challenging gamers to seek clues that unlocks the big reveal.

Some creators posted clues for the 14-character password on Twitter. Those who don’t want to try for themselves can find the code at the bottom of this page.

The website hosts a 25-second teaser for the crossover event.

It’s not clear what additional cosmetics will be available just yet, only the four wearable outfits.

Holland, who stars as Nathan Drake in the movie, has already appeared on Fortnite previously.

His take on Spider-Man dropped onto the Fortnite Island in December, until January 6.

Uncharted’s big screen debut – which also features Mark Wahlberg – hit cinemas in the UK on February 11.

The film is released in the US on February 18, a day after the Fortnite crossover kicks off.

To access the treasure hunt website, the password is: sicparvismagna.

The Uncharted crossover begins on February 17


The Uncharted crossover begins on February 17Credit: Epic Games

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