How to make your iPhone faster – neat trick speeds up your browser in seconds

If you find that your iPhone web browser is running slow, there is an easy and quick way to speed it back up.

It only takes one minute to clear your cache on Google, Firefox, or Safari.


Regularly clear your iPhone browser cache

Experts recommend that your mobile phone needs to be cleaned out in order for it to run faster and less likely to crash.

That’s because it might be storing a lot of website history and data that you no longer need.

Clearing caches can log you out from your most-visited sites. Be sure to remember your passwords before you begin clearing caches.

But it is perfectly safe to clear caches on your iPhone.

A cache is temporary memory that can be quickly accessed and used to store the data you frequently request so it can easily be retrieved.

Web-browsers, and other apps, store data about websites you visit often or the actions you regularly perform to improve your user experience.

Your device will crash more often if the caches that store this data are full.

Clearing caches may be slightly annoying, since you might have to log back into certain apps or sites, or complete the process of personalizing some settings.

This small inconvenience will be compensated by the speeding up of your iPhone and possibly tightening your security, depending on which websites you visit.

How to clear the cache on your iPhone for Safari

It’s quick and easy to clear cache for Safari and Chrome from an iPhone.

Clear your cache before you go to Safari

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone from the home screen.
  2. Swipe down on Safari and then tap to access Safari settings.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Safari settings. “clear history and website data”Next, tap on the Privacy and Security section to activate.
  4. Tap again to confirm.

How to clear your iPhone’s cache in Chrome

Clear your Chrome cache

  1. Open the Chrome app for your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the menu in the bottom right corner of your screen. This should appear as three dots in an horizontal line. This will bring up a list.
  3. Tap Settings to open a new menu.
  4. Choose privacy
  5. Clear Browsing data
  6. You can select what you want to delete. Check the box to delete cached files and images. However, you can also remove cookies and site data from this menu.
  7. Clear Browsing data
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How to clear the cache from your iPhone for Firefox

To clear your Firefox cache

  1. The hamburger menu is open.
  2. Tap privacy
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Select data management
  5. Select clear private data or website data
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